for everyone to answer!

so yeah I was just wondering if you could all put your ages or whatever in a comment just cause im wondering. Like if you’re 13 and have a really cool theory… awesome. or if youre 50 and have a dumb theory…. wow. so yeah don’t worry Im not a creepy stalker. Im 14, how bout you?

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14 thoughts on “for everyone to answer!

  1. …a fun request indeed…but I am sorry to say that age is a simple measurement used by those whom are enslaved by time and space…and that is not my forte….

  2. Sorry, posted this in your 316 theory by mistake, and copied and pasted here, disregard it on the other post please…

    Lost411, also, not to make fun of my previous comment, but as a 14 years young girl, who I presume is in scool, you have nice thoughts here.
    I have read a few of your comments, and recently your

  3. It’s perfect that you are logged on! I was actually going to post here for you because I had a few questions to send your way! 😉

  4. Hi lostie! Like A.E.S. said: good job on the site so far! I can’t wait to see what sort of theories you cook up in the summer when you have more time!

  5. Hey Lostie! Sorry about the confusion on the post! My screen was scrolled down, so I thought I was over at AES’ post getting his attention…then I realized I posted it on yours. Thanks for inquiring though.

    And regarding your question, I have to agree with BanLinus on this one. I think someone else had better success asking where people lived, so you might not get a lot of “real” answers here!

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