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…we came in. This theory is an offshoot of a recent theory I’ve posted and the comments that followed (see “Lost and The Fall of Chronopolis), and also Dabs’ theory about variables. The theory is basicly that we have been viewing a story that has been cycling through the same narrative over and over (a timeloop) but that the details and circumstances change each time the cycle repeats. I’ve been recently thinking along the lines of the different ways that the cycle can be broken.
For these ideas I’m going to assume a couple of things. First is that a timeloop is what has been happening. The second is that the loop may be broken by acting out the events before they’re supposed to happen or altering events enough so that future events in the cycle don’t happen.
We have already seen one attempt to break the loop by exploding the nuclear bomb at the Swan. Assuming that this is what actually leads to the institution of the button protocol there are a couple of possibilities to interupt the cycle. One way would be to neutralize the electromagnetic anomaly by turning the failsafe key before Desmond turns it. If that is done than Oceanic 815 would never encounter the anomaly that caused it to crash and the cycle of events is broken. Another way but more complicated way would be to send someone, say Jack, back in time to the moment after the clash but with the knowledge of the future intact. This way Jack could manipulate events to achieve a better outcome and stop the loop. An alternative would be to manipulate events in the past so that Jack becomes a pilot intead of a doctor (see the pilot episode) AND is the pilot of Oceanic 815 AND has forknowledge of the location of the Island so that the planes course could be altered to avoid the Island altogether. Therefore the cycle would be broken and not have a chance to reset.
Now in the present time period we may be seeing Jacob’s Adversary attempting to break the cycle. He and Jacob may be the only ones who know that a timeloop is playing over and over and the Adversary wants out of the loop. Jacob may be the one who guides and manipulates events through each cycle so the Adversary works to find a way to remove Jacob from his role and replace him. The Adversary would then manipulate events by using the Others and alter things enough to break the cycle and avoid the reset of the loop.
These are just some of the possibilities I’ve been thinking of lately, but I find them interesting. On a side note you may want to check out the Doctor Who episode “Meglos” and the Star Trek The Next Generation episode “Cause and Effect,” because they have an influence on the this theory also. I eagerly anticipate your comments on this and hope you find something useful in it. By the way, the title for this theory is a reference to Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall”, which was set up to imply a cyclic nature to the albums narrative. This is where…

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  1. Nice theory ands it’s good to finally see a theory that isn’t just about MIB and Jacob and the light vs dark thing I do think their is a loop thing going on but not in the sence you are portraying I think Jacob keeps bringing people to the island (black rock, 815 etc) to break the loop but they always play out in the same way and the cycle never gets broken not a time loop with the same people but different people which have the same outcome (it always ends the same. Yes but everything up to the end is progress)

  2. this just seems to basically be the ultimate theory, but as we all know the writers just wont allow this. there is going to be some unscene thing that will happen of course, who knows.

  3. I recently read The Bad Twin and although most of the book doesn’t have anything to do with Lost there is one line at the end of the book that really made me think.

    I had to return the book to the library so this isn’t an exact quote and it was describing someone not something but I think it may be one of the keys to the show. It also relates to your theory. It went something like this. ” It was like he wasn’t allowed to complete his change, like he just kept looping over and over”. I wish I had the book because I know this isn’t right. If anyone does have it the quote is within the last five pages of the book.

  4. Really nice theory, Achalli. The writers have consistently said that Lost is a sci-fi story, with many other elements involved.

    We know that ‘duality’, fate vs free will are main themes of the show, but the sci-fi aspects also have to be present, as well.

    By ‘the island’ time flashing back to the 70’s it allowed for the writers to introduce retro-causality, (changing the past).

    Although we do not know what the outcome of attempting to blow up the Swan Station is yet, it will have changed what originally happened, regardless of the outcome.

    The ‘losties’ presence and interactions has altered the loop, in some fashion. What we don’t know, is to what end it serves Jacob and his Nemesis’ purpose!

    My thoughts are, that they are looking to break the current loop, thus the meaning that it ‘only ends once’. The ‘losties’ are but mere pawns who were carefully selected to bring about this end.

    How this will impact ‘the world’ on the grand scale is also unknown.

    Thanks for presenting another interesting and well written theory!

  5. Dabs, did I miss where Whatever Happened, Happened has been disproven? Or are you just saying things have changed regardless because this is your own theory? Because maybe the losties living in the ’70s IS what originally happened.

  6. Ban you missed nothing really, sorry, but speking for Dabs for a minute.

    I think she means that her belief is that what is going on now, as what happened to Desmond in “Flashes…” isnt EXACTLY the way it happened before.
    Its not to say that the bomb did or didnt go off and stop or cause the incident (you’ll have to get that from Dabs herself), but that the things that we are seeing occur, may not have happened the same as they did in the timeline that say, Young Ben knows as a child, etc…

    I, and I THINK Dabsi as well is still in the boat of change, even though things look grim for us at the moment.

    Either way, speaking for someone else, and
    that is normally a no-no here, but I know she wont mind.
    I think nothing has been proven or disproven up to this point, and still leaves a margin for either direction to take a few more swings in the final season…its just one of those “what do you think” questions/answers, that has plagued us throughout season 5, and most likely throughout a large portion of season 6.

  7. Thanks, AES you are always welcome to speak on my behalf. And, in this case you are correct. You know my ‘lost mind’, very well.

    BanLinus, I am and always have been on the side of ‘change’. Nothing has been proven for the whatever happened, happened theory, except for Daniel Faraday’s own statements, that he was wrong!

    The Variable pretty much summed that up, at least in my mind. We will know for certain in Season 6.

    In terms of this theory, I am directly responding to the loop and causal effects, as such.

    I hope this clarifies for you.

  8. Thanks for the comments everybody. This is what I like about sites like this, to be able to put something out there and get other people to think about the different possibilities. Dabs, I owe you a special thank you for your comments on my previouse theory. That’s what got me thinking and brought about this theory. Thanks again.

  9. Achalli, you are most welcome, and glad that you were inspired to write this theory.

    Theorising is only part of the process. It is in the discussion, where ideas can be furthered!

    I hope to be seeing many more theories from you!

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