Christian and Claire — Important Observation

Seems likely that Christian was actually the MIB pre-Locke. I think it is very likely that MIB has others like him. Or he can be multiple people at once. Why?

How is Claire with Christian? Who were the people in the back of the room when Sun and Lapidus visit Christian in Dharmaville?

Seems like it’s important. I just don’t know how.

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7 thoughts on “Christian and Claire — Important Observation

  1. Lostitute, we know that the smoke monster has taken the form of some of the dead people on ‘the island’, but it was to kill them.

    Christian told Michael that ‘he could go now’, when he was on ‘the freighter’. I relate that back to what Mr. Friendly tells Michael, about ‘the island’ won’t let you go until it’s ready. Does Christian then represent ‘the island’?

    Although, it seems easy to tie everybody that is dead to the smoke monster and Jacob’s Nemesis these days, I have my doubts that the answers are that clear cut.

    Wouldn’t Jacob have the same abilities as his Nemesis?

    Food for thought!

  2. It is clear that the smoke monster can duplicate and possess bodies with their knowledge and memory still intact, but that’s a good question, can he possess two people at once? then how did Christian and Claire be in the same place?

  3. Why does everyone assume that the MIB is the smoke monster? We have never actually seen the monster manifest itself as a person. We just see people appear after the smoke monster disappears. And we know that Jacks father appeared to him at the hospital after they left. How could the smoke monster just be there like that? Doesn’t it have security duties to perform on island?

  4. Didnt the writers confirm that when Yemi appeared to Ecko that it was the smoke monster? also i think its pretty safe to assume that Alex was the smoke monster when she appeared to Ben during his judgement.

  5. bigdaveg, I was just about to say the same thing (about Alex).
    FLocke goes to find something to help Ben out of the whole and whilst he’s away, Ben is judged.

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