Christian’s shoes, pilot episode

this might belong more in the question section, but whatever. In the pilot episode, when jack wakes up in the beginning, or maybe later, the camera shoots to a view of a pair of shoes in a tree. they were Christians shoes i think, and they were the ones put on Locke’s body in the coffin. so i don’t know what the signifagance of it is but they might be Lockes from the 2nd flight as a clue. But they’re probably Christians from the first flight, only how did they land in a tree right next to Jack? The coffin was far from there. Can you guys tell me what you think the importance of these shoes are?

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9 thoughts on “Christian’s shoes, pilot episode

  1. I”m not sure the shoes hanging in the tree were any person we know. The ones on Christians dead body surely would not have flown off his feet and landed together in that tree. But they may be the ones we see the fake Christian putting on in a Mobisode between seasons 3 and 4.

  2. youre probably right BanLinus, but i cant think of any other reason why they would shoot to a pair of random shoes hanging in a tree

  3. the ones hanging in the tree are very much like the shoes we see on Christian as he appears to Jack. Was is just a way of early on signing that Christian was dead before we were explicitly told it in the jack flashbacks in later episodes.

  4. yeah the shoes hanging in the tree are very strange?? as i recall i dont think there were any other items of clothing hanging around? and right next to jack aswell?? hmm? i`m not quite sure who they belong to? maybe we`ll get to find out, hopefully anyway? eko rocks

  5. Jack said he buried Christian in old white tennis shoes and that’s what we see on Christian & on the tree – so, yeah, you just may have something there …

  6. Oooh good question! I just started rewatching the show from the beginning the other day and I’d forgotten all about those shoes… When I saw them again I was like wtf? There was something about white tennis shoes… good recall waycurious

  7. I just saw the pilot last night. I didn’t realize that the shoes were Christians. However, I noticed something else related to Christian.

    Jack told Kate how he learned to be calm under pressure. He talked about the very incident that we saw in flashback on the last season finale. This is where he is in surgery and cuts the (?) membrane of a patient and his father tells him to close his eyes and count to 5. Only in the Pilot episode Jack tells Kate the story as if his father wasn’t there. As if he told himself to count to five and then was calm.

    It made me think that Jack’s relationship with his father is more significant than I had realized. In the season finale when Jacob distracts Jack after Jack spoke to his father and father said to jack “maybe it’s not me who doubts you” (or something like that) I figured that Jack lost insight into himself. Now I think Jack forgot how his father helped him. and remember Jack turned his father in to the medical board for his drinking.

    I know I am rambling and where this is going I am not sure. But I thought it was interesting.

    I also started thinking about Christian Shephard’s name. Many of the characters on lost have significant or historical names eg. John Locke, Eloise Hawkings, etc. But a Christian Shephard is almost identical to A Christian Shepherd-which I think would refer to his being a priest or minister. Maybe he holds a priestly position in the island temple?

  8. I made the correlation btw the Jacob visit, and the story that Jack had told Kate. I just didn’t realize that it was in the pilot episode. I just love how everything is connected.

  9. i thought i heard jack say that at the last minute he put tennis shoes on his father….and when he is chasing his father…he has on a blue suit with white tennis shoes…just my observation

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