Ship in the beginning… Black Rock

I dont know if this was my idea or if everyone who watches lost got this right away, but the ship in the begining, i believe to be the Black Rock. There was an episode where Richard told us all about the black rock and who was on it. Who did richard say was on the Black rock? does anyone remember? cause that could tell us ALOT!

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15 thoughts on “Ship in the beginning… Black Rock

  1. Oh by the way, in the 15th episode Richard is creating Black Rock in a bottle so i guess he is somehow connected to the Black Rock story…maybe others or at least Richard came from that ship?

  2. Spot on people.

    I would bet my life that it is blackrockblackrockblackrock (feel better 411? ;])

    The only thing that throws me off is the obvious foreshadowing of Ricardus being blackrock connected.

    Although I am a man who jumps at answers of simplicity…it seems almost too easy…

    but then again, the simplest answer is usually correct…(yeah, I know, I watch the show)

    I first threw a fist in the air with victory…we were correct to assume Richard is a former BlackRock passenger, but then I think about all the other ‘easy’ answers Lost has given us, and the conspirator in me takes over…

  3. There is something that throws me off too,
    when Sayid is trapped and held by Danielle in the first season she describes the way they became stranded as having navigated through a storm and when their equipment failed they were shipwrecked on some rocks on the island. The issue here is that on the day that the Black Rock was approaching the island and Jacob & MiB were chit chatting it was a beautiful sunny day. Does this matter? Is it an over sight by the writers, or is this ship not the Black Rock?

  4. I know what you mean, A.E.S. It really gets confusing and annoying at times. (Okay fine, more often then just “at times” it’s like that most of the time 🙂 )

    Richard (or maybe it was Rossoue) explained that the Black Rock was a slave ship the got wrecked on the island. That’s all I remember.

  5. That is true… she never said she was a passenger… but in the episode with Sayid she said “we were on our way back from the Black Rock, they were the carriers” (carriers referring to whatever “sickness” she thought she had) so I guess I just assumed she was a passenger on the Black Rock… I guess that makes sense though because she said she killed them all… and Richard isnt dead, then again maybe Jacob brought him back after Rousseau killed him? I have no idea.

  6. We got some more insight on this when Jin was time traveling. Remember that Danielle’s group went into the temple (there was about four of them in the group), and Danielle stayed behind because she was pregnant. When the group came back out they were, I dunno, possessed or rabid or something and she shot them and she’s been paranoid ever since.

  7. Yea- and the Black Rock and Rousseau’s ship obviously arent the same, her ship was for science and the Black Rock has dead bodies in shackles (probably a slave ship) so I guess I didnt think it through and made a bad assumption.

  8. When she said “they were on there way back from the Black Rock, they were the carriers”, I think what she meant was that they were at the site at which the Black Rock crashed onto the island.

  9. i was gona say, although havent yet watched season 5, but have been reading plot lines/theories etc. but how does the island re-appear after moving?
    is it possible that it just “happened” to re-appear in the ocean where the black rock was sailing, and sort of “rose up from the water” therefore stranding the ship on the island? its the only explanation i can think of..
    and i think that the ship that jacob/MIB sees is not the black rock, but rousseu’s ship.

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