How come they have powers?

How do you think Desmond, Hugo, Walt, Miles, etc. have powers/abilities and what’s the purpose of having those powers?

And why not others?

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A non-geeky computer programmer who likes to enjoy life rather than sitting in front of a computer desk. I believe lost is about good and evil and shows different sides of peoples lives which is why i like the show more than anything.

6 thoughts on “How come they have powers?

  1. We may find that out. Maybe Jacob gave them powers. Maybe they were born with powers. Maybe some of them don’t have any special powers.

  2. I have no idea. There has to be something that tie it all together though, i mean, it’s Lost… but the thing with walt, what ever happened to that. he and michael are just not even in the show anymore. They’ve dropped so many story lines like the walt super power thing and the spanish magazine with the polar bear. what the heck happened to that? Thats been in like 6 episodes. sorry to get off topic.

  3. I have to lean to the science side, and go with some sort of radiation. All except Hurley have these gifts, have been on island as a child.

    Des achieved his threw the Swan blast, and even Daniel Faradays intelligence, IMO, comes from his mothers life on the “magic island”.

    I think that between being on island, and possibly a parent of each being on island at some point allows these powers to have a home in the beholder due to the combination of island properties, and radiation (ala comic book super heroes) from the Hbomb.

  4. I have silently assumed that this was due to the fact that each in turn was connected to the Dharma initive for some time. My theory is that the initiavite either conducted experiments on their parents or them as children which enabled them to relize the full or partial potential of these psychic abilities.

    it may even extend to other characters we have not considered. Jack’s amazing ability to heal? Let’s face it he has done the impossible more than once, when he willed it to happen. Psychic healing perhaps? Sawyer is a con man sure and people fall for cons all the time but Sawyer is an AMAZING con ma. Power of suggestion? Mind control? There are a lot of possibilities here.

    Also as you watch the orientation videos I am pretty sure Dharma has done experiments of this nature.

    I know it is said Hanso was listed as having experiments in:

    * Life extension
    * Electromagnetism
    * Extra-terrestrial intelligence
    * Mathematical forecasting
    * Cryogenics
    * Juxtapositional eugenics
    * Psychic remote viewing

    So… yeah.

  5. hmm yeah i agree with A.E.S. on this. I also think this is something do with the unique properties of the island (electromagnetism, radiation, etc.), as you said Desmond got it after the Swan blast. But what i do not understand is how he survived that and why he was naked, its another matter anyway.

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