Present day Dharma?

Does the Dharma Initiative exist in the ‘present day’ timeline? Did the Purge get rid of all the Dharma people that weren’t on the island?

The Lamppost was a Dharma station, but now Eloise is there, and she was an Other, so where did all the Dharma people go? And wasn’t there some other place where the Dharma people went when they weren’t on the island? I want to say Ann Arbor, but that may not be right. Did the purge get all of them, too?

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One thought on “Present day Dharma?

  1. you have a very interesting point. there doesnt seem 2 be any dharma people left really does there? the purge 2 my understanding was just an island thing? if dharmaville got wiped out by ben maybe late 80`s (just a guess) surely there must have been some dharma people left off island? the food drops 4 example they must have been produced somewhere off island?? i like your thinking greylark, interesting! eko rocks

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