Throwback- a thought about Charlie.

This may have been discussed in a previous post, but I was just watching the episode from Season 1 where Ethan has kidnapped Claire and Charlie and Jack and Kate are hot on the trail. Ethan confronts/kicks Jack’s butt and tells him if he continues to pursue them he would kill one of them. Later, we find Charlie hanging, he is out for a good long while, Jack even gives up saving him for a few seconds and then gives a few last blows to Charlies chest to try to bring him back, and it works… Surely the first time everyone saw this we all said “no way” I know myself and all of my friends did, I know its a stretch but what if Charlie did die, and he was either brought back by the Island magical powers (but dead is dead right) or what if he then became another bodily front for either jacob, the MiB, smokey or whatever it is that makes dead things appear alive. I know its a long shot but does anybody have any thoughts?

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3 thoughts on “Throwback- a thought about Charlie.

  1. i`ve never even thought about this 1 before, nice thinking jaysumm. u never no do u? after the near death or death experience charlie could`nt remember what had happened could he? maybe the island did take him 4 a while? didnt he start and have really bizzare dreams and stuff aswell after arron was born? i cant remember exactly but i remember it was 2 do with aaron, he sometimes walked in his sleep and once tried 2 take aaron in2 the sea in the middle of the night, then followed a couple of punches from locke, haha. u never no though maybe something did happen 2 him whilst hangging in the tree?? hmmm very interesting. eko rocks

  2. Yea I mean Charlie’s character started having a lot of interesting things happen to him. In the episode where he was hung and “revived” he said he didn’t know what happened, all those other things you (eko rocks) mention are resons why I think it was possible. Also perhaps has something to do with why Desmond had visions about Charlie but not anyone else (or maybe because Charlie is Des & Penny’s son) but also perhaps it is why Charlie was so willing to sacrifice himself… who knows? I actually don’t really think Charlie did die but I think something obviously happened to change him and thats just one of the possibilities.

  3. I think it is just a coincidence that there are two people named charlie. We know charlie’s mom is named Megan. Even if Desmond and Penny die somehow, pretty sure Whitmore wouldn’t let a “strange” family raise his grandson

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