I give full credit to Lostonlost for mentioning this in my theory/question “the consequence of Aaron not returning’

Is Aaron the ‘super sub’ is he the most powerful of them all, the sort of trump card that can defeat ‘Bob’? If you read my theory about ALL of the Losties not returning and the effect of Eloise saying “then god help us all” after Ben says “what if i cant get them all to return”. Does she mean that it is vital to everyone to return and that the outcome “would be unpredictable” as the fight just got harder without the full compliment? It does sound like a Marvel comic when i read it back to myself but can’t figure out how to word it better, sry 🙁

Could this be what she was referrring to? that they all have to be there to defeat the ‘bad/dark etc etc’ Do they all combine to somehow save humanity?

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5 thoughts on “Aaron

  1. Hi bigdaveg, I have always felt that Aaron had a significant role in Lost, but haven’t really seen too much of that play out! But….Season 6.

    Ms. Hawking referenced that the results would be unpredictable in terms of how the ’06’ would be returned to ‘the island’. They had to duplicate as many of the original events of #815 as possible.

    Hope that is helpful.

  2. I wrote this last night when i was verrryyy drunk and suprised myself with no spelling mistakes 🙂

    Yeah Dabs that is helpful, always like your comments. I really hope he isn’t going to fade away like Walt, the numbers question etc

  3. Well, Eloise did say she didn’t know what was going to happen for the first time in her life after Desmundo got shot. Maybe things are already unpredictable, like there being two Lockes, and Jacob dying.

  4. Hmmmmmmmm I think Aaron is really important. Myself and my partner had a theory that he is infact young Jacob.

    The psychic telling Claire that she has to bring him up. THEN Christian coming along and taking her, leaving Aaron so he will be brought up by someone else.

    Hmmmmmm it doesn’t make as much sense as I’m writing it but it does in my head

  5. oh oh oh and because he’s the only baby whose birth was fine (and Claire didn’t die) AND it seems that people born on the island have some sort of “power”…like Miles and speaking to dead people….hmmmmmm although, the ginger girl (can’t remember her name) didn’t seem to.

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