Egyptian/Jacob and MIB (smokie)

I have to get this out here. I havent rewatched this episode since the theory came to me, so i might be wrong. I think in one episode there was heiroglyphics (dont make fun of my spelling!) that had a picture of one of the egyptian gods (the statue) kneeling down and obeying-or something- the smoke monster. i think it was in the temple where ben ran into alex aka the smoke monster aka MIB… yeah. the picture abouve the holes where the smoke comes out. could someone maybe get that picture for me please? Because i think it could mean something with Jacob and that guy, the smoke monster. there was also something in between them and that could be important. Someone please get me that picture! Thanks <3

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16 thoughts on “Egyptian/Jacob and MIB (smokie)

  1. Thaks Losts-columbo and greylark for the pictures! Okay so he wasnt praising him, but somethings happening. Can anyone tell whats in between them?

  2. Hello,

    The symbols are similar to the tapestry Jacob was working on underneath the statue. Across the top of the tappestry there were symbols that mean something along the lines of “May the gods grant thee all that thy heart desires”, you can see he seems to be either bowing of like you conversing, maybe requesting. I think its all about fallen angels trying to make there way back into the favour of the gods, playing and toying on different scenarios with people as there pawns

  3. looks like a snake, an eye and… the soviet union symbol… that cant be right, but that’s what I see. and top left I see what looks like an eye, but also a UFO with landing gear down, and just below it a crop circle. (I’m not joking BTW). I also see another snake to the right. and at the top right, it looks like one of those typical Egyptian symbols with the circle, the cross and the handle, called ankh meaning life, but upside down… or a hanging Nuke by the name of… Jughead?

    According to Lostpedia, they’re alchemical symbols written in cursive, which was mostly used in religious hieroglyphs. It’d be super cool when we actually decipher it but that’s all I can tell from it and I don’t really know much about hieroglyphs.

  4. It looks to me like the statue looking creature is actually summoning the smokie looking creature. The way it seems to me is that the statue is calling the smoke monster like a master calls its pet. I say this because of the posture of the statue which is sitting on its knees (NOT bent over) reaching with its right hand toward the chin? of the smoke monster as if it wants to either feed or pet it or something. Also at the bottom is and eye which I would assume is to symbolize RA, and as has been mentioned several snakes.

    Overall I think this picture symbolizes a relationship/friendship between the two, perhaps one of a master-servant or of two equals, who knows but I bet we find out.

  5. this may sound silly, but i looked at that image of the smoke monster and the statue, and in the middle people have stated the eye. this may be pushing it, but could it have something to do with how the seasons begin sometime, with the eye, and then zooming out, such as jacks eye when he crashed on the island etc.. any connection or i am just waffling?

  6. The Egyptian figure looks a lot like Anubis – god of funeral rights, opening the paths of the other world for the dead and who judged / weighed the souls of the dead. Could they be making a connection between the role of the smoke monster and Anubis – smokies role is in judging the souls of the people on the island. Maybe the others have all been previously judged and allowed to live – that’s why they don’t seem bothered by it??

  7. The image clearly shows Anubis (he was once god of the underworld till he stepped aside and gave his throne to Osiris). The other being is Amut. If one was not pure enough on passing from life to death, Amut would eat their heart. According to the Ancient Egyptian belief, the eating of the heart prevented the owner from passing into the afterlife and removed any chance of rebirth. This “Judge of the soul” is obviously repressented by the smoke monster.

  8. Amut was not a god as such, more like an immortal servent of the gods. When one died they were judged but Ma’at (also not technically a god, but an immortal entity). Ma’at would place the defendants heart on a set of scales along with a feather. If your heart weighed more than the feather then it was weighed down by sin. Then along came Amut. His primary job was to eat the heart and completely extinguish the soul. Smokie?

  9. I agree with sawyer rocks, i think the whole eye theme being continued with the hieroglyphs has mayor importance,think about when hurley went to jacobs cabin and we saw ‘that eye’.

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