lost-and the book of architecture.

in some episodes, weve seen lots of hieroglyphics and greek murials and such like.

ive actually studied it, lots of it was is in the language of the slaves (ohhh matron!), and it actually reveals some great architecture techniques on building and construction of large proportions.

in particular, “how to build a egyptian statue by ones self,”

so yeah, i just wanted to let you all know about that, as it covers where the statue came from, someone built it themselves! with the manuel….”the manuel being lost after the statue built”,

the most important reveal was that lost, is actually an acronym for “legion, of, structure, technigues.”

i know this is alot to take in for you all now, and it leads to so many possibilities, like jacob is the first ever carpenter or somthing?



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16 thoughts on “lost-and the book of architecture.

  1. losts-columbo, I just googled ‘legion of structure techniques’. That is quite fascinating!

    Jacob the weaver, Jacob the carpenter.

    Spill, tell me more!

  2. well, basically what im saying is, mrs T
    is that jacobs airy friend at the start is sayin he wants to kill him because he stole the manuel and built the state, thats why it panned out so we could see it.

    and ” everything els after that is just progress” is just him saying that hes tryed building before but never worked out for him, but he did make a mean weave thing in greek.

    thats it dabs ive craked it, lost is about the history of structure, the industrial revolution was a sham by jacobs friend to ty and out do him, but it never worked!

    im a straight up genious.


  3. hahaa,

    i just wanted t write something! oh sweet jesus did i want to write something!
    i cant put my senseable things down properly, so as usualy i wrote soemthing stupid, but i is actually quite brilliant!


  4. ahhaha, im not being harsh, i just prefer to make the odd fleeting comment and enjoy some witty rejoinders with your good self!

    il write a proper thing eventually, but its going to take me a good while to get over ow good this is!

    are yo feeling better yet?


  5. losts-columbo, yes, try not to let it go to your head! lol haha

    I am feeling a wee bit better today, and am hoping the worst is over. Still sleeping like crazy though!

  6. losts-columbo, I have been doing some interesting research, whenever I have a moment.

    Now tying it all together is the next hurtle, but it will happen!

    Thanks, auld yang! lol

  7. thanks LC, very interesting indeed! I tried to google the same but could not clearly find something, would you or B mind posting a link for me to further info about Legion of structure techniques? ^^
    thanks in advance..

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