Apollo bars

I’ve been watching the 2nd season, because I pretty much skipped watching Lost that year. Saw bits and pieces and was clued in on many things by other people.

So I noticed that all the food says Dharma Initiative on it. Example – Dharma Initiative Peanut Butter. The only thing that doesn’t have those words on it, is the Apollo bars.

I’ve seen Kate and Hurley eat one. And Jack tried to buy one out of a vending machine but it got stuck and then Jacob buys one which pushes Jacks out too.

So what is the significance of the Apollo bar?

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6 thoughts on “Apollo bars

  1. hey thinkingisawesome, apollo bars are a mystery 2 me aswell?? i was thinking they were just an island bar then when jack tried 2 buy 1 from the vending machine i was like – so they exist in the real world aswell,hmmm?? unfortunately i havnt any answers 4 you though,haha. eko rocks

  2. Apollo is the greek god of sun and light, truth and prophecy, medicine and healing, archery, music, art, and poetry and probably alot more. Apollo is also Zues’s son.

    Sort of speaks for itself. Hope that might help a little!

  3. It could just be Chocolate with a meaningless name Like the funeral home: Hoffs/Drawlar or Flash Forward. its probably not an anagram, but I still doubt it has that type of meaning. good connection though with the Greek stuff.

  4. there was an apollo bar advert on the bus that hit juliette’s ex husband/boss…. (and that was not long after she told (richard?) that she the only way she’d join his “workforce” is if her boss/husband man got hit by a bus!

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