Season 6… what we think it will be?

After that ending of season 5, i don’t know what to think. Some people think it worked, and they will end up back at the beginning and not know each other. Others think It could have been another big flash at the end taking them to yet another time zone. I don’t know where i stand, but the writers better make it good. I want to know what you think just so i can se some better ideas to talk with with my mom, sister,and cousin haha. What do you think will happen?

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8 thoughts on “Season 6… what we think it will be?

  1. With the build up between Anti-Locke and Jacob it’d be a waste to have the H-Bomb do its job and change the course of history. If the past is changed and Flight 815 doesn’t crash, then we wouldn’t be where we are now with Jacob etc.

    I think Jack and co. were boomed back into 2007 to where the rest of the 316ers are.

    I hope so anyway.

  2. I agree with emzi. I think they get blasted into 2007. Jin and Sun have to reunite at some point and they are going to need to get back into the same time frame to do that.

    Some random thoughts on what I think we’ll see in the final season

    – Jin and Sun will reunite
    – Sawyer will somehow get to see his daughter
    – Juliet will get to see her sister
    – We will find out that Aaron is someone we know
    – We will learn a lot more about Faraday’s experiments and find out that he’s been doing more time traveling than we know
    – Miles’ ability to commune with the dead will prove to be useful
    – Desmond’s reason for being ‘special’ with respect to time travel will become apparent
    – We’ll learn a lot more about the Black Rock and find out that’s how Richard Alpert got to the island
    – We’ll get the whole back-story on Jacob vs. his rival
    – We’ll find out that there is a reason Hurley is seeing dead people, and he’s not really crazy, and we’ll find out why Libby was in the institution with him

  3. brc9876…dont hold ur breath about Libby. In an interview with Cuse he said that they approached the actress playing Libby multiple times to tie in the story for her character and she said no. Who knows why she doesnt want to….that sucks but the writers said her story will most likely linger as is. As for the rest I’d love to find out about Jacobs and MIB’s past, black smoke and what it is and everything else that all of us want to know. It would be ok with me if little things are unanswered, cause I do like some things to remain a mystery.

  4. I didn’t realize the actress didn’t want to come back. I guess that makes sense because they probably would have already tied that in. But they don’t necessarily need the actress to reveal what the connection is there.

  5. sure but it would be nice to see her and find out exactly why she was in looney bin with Hugo and what led her to join 815 in path to the island. I just dont get the actress though….it’s not like she’s so famous and busy that she has no time to shoot LOST for a few episodes.

  6. I think the flash has taken them to current day and they (Jack, Kate, Hurley, etc) are the ones Jacob is referring to when he says “they’re coming.”

    I really hope Juliet is not dead.

    Has anyone posted any thoughts on whether Charlie is coming back. I’d love to see him come back. In fact, I suspect he is Desmond & Penny’s son…maybe that is how Desmond knows Charlie is going to die?

    My brain is ready to explode thinking/reading all these ideas. In any event, I expect great things next season!

  7. Some really interesting ideas in there and I hope that we see a good portion of them actually come to fruition!

    lostonlost – I don’t think Charlie will be coming back (not in the ‘live’ sense anyway!). He’s already visited Hurley after his death, cementing that fact. I also don’t think though that he’s Desmond’s son either, as we have seen the rest of Charlie’s family earlier on (the ‘heroin days’!), including his big brother, whom would already have had to be born.

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