Why Faraday is Crying

At least two scenes have shown Daniel Faraday crying as he watches the news of the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. It seems that he doesn’t even consciously know why he is crying, probably because his brain is fried from whatever experiments he tested on himself. But I think that somehow this is his ‘second time around’, and he is crying because subconsciously he is finding out that his plan to prevent the incident by detonating the bomb didn’t work and therefore 815 still crashed.

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9 thoughts on “Why Faraday is Crying

  1. That makes a lot of sense! I think that Daniel’s/Jack’s crazy stunt served to ENSURE the crash WOULD happen! (just like Miles said)

  2. Nah, it would have happened either way, in my opinion. The future would have course corrected, and it would just be a matter of the crash happening due to A) Faraday’s bomb, or B) the electromagnetic pocket being tapped.

    But I think you’re spot on about why Faraday is crying when he watches those news clips.

  3. no, i think its a lot simpler than that. the journal his mother gave him probably has something in it about the crash and the losties; it seems to have everything else in it. after reading it and being told over and over again by his mother the story of the crash and his destiny, and then seeing the news report, he begins to question what he has been taught his whole life and becomes distraught.

  4. Woah good thinking! Yea, at first I thought it was from his experiments too but also, yours is really well thought out! So are you saying that Daniel has a sense that it failed for the bomb to work, even though he physically never experianced it?? If that is what you mean… that is exactly what I was thinking! Like, look at Locke and how he knows the island right away and has never actually been on it! Maybe it’s because he has a sense that he has been on it and a small part of his brain still remembers!!

  5. Good point about Locke. I think some of them have “been there before” even though they don’t consciously remember it, but there is a small part of their brain that still does remember.

    This could also tie in with the scene where Richard goes to visit Locke when he was a boy and asks him which of the items belong to him. Why would he have any idea unless there was something in his subconscious still lingering in his brain from “the last time”.

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