Walt – Jacob connection?

I was thinking back at how much Walt seemed so mysterious, and I was sure that he would be an integral part of the story. And at first I thought I was wrong, but maybe I’m not after all. Think about the entire show, other than Jacob (who aparently is responsible for bringing people to the island somehow), and the man in black(who seems to be able to trick people, and possibly control or be smoke monster), who else seemed to have super natural power, as far as I can tell, only Walt. I feel like this can’t me an accident. Walt is special somehow.

My theory is, whatever Jacob(and possibly man in black?) is, Walt is also. He seems to have some ability, and this would explain it, maybe he’s the next Jacob, so to speak.

My guess is that he’s going to be making an appearance in the last season. I mean think about it. It would explain why he was allowed to stay off the lsland(after all its not safe there at the moment with all this going on.)

The significance of this could be big-or not. But it fits with lost , because it would be totaly out of left feild. They barely touch on whats going on with walt, no one is thinking about him then, SUPRISE! Here comes walt.

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7 thoughts on “Walt – Jacob connection?

  1. hey chris63084 i totaly agree with you, theres deffs something special about walt. if it turns out there isnt ill be very dissapointed!!there has to be? your right he hasnt been in any storeylines 4 ages so we stop thinking bowt him, then bamm, theres walt!!i think walt was wanted for something when he was kidnapped from the raft? because the ohers were asking michael alsorts of questions about him. but then ben let him leave with michael, possibly not jacobs wishes or they got all they needed from him, whatever that maybe? also theres various losties who have had dreams/visions of dead people, walt has appeared in dreams/visions of a few of our losties but the thing is with walt he isnt dead? hmm. i really hope they tie up all he lose ends for us with walt. as i really need some answers? eko rocks

  2. With Faraday’s mother there I doubt that it will be a problem getting them back to the island…its just a matter of what their purpose is…and also what effect this bomb exploding is actually going to have on the future(if any)

  3. So as it turns out everyone born on island is special right? We have no way of knowing walt was or wasnt born on island but we do know he is special. He kills tons of birds at least. Which means his power must be magnetic by nature. So I’m fairly certain he was born on island. We don’t know who his father is but wouldn’t it be something if it was that guy they dug up from the balloon? Henry Gail I believe. They didn’t find anyones body but Henrys and it makes sense. He got to the island and an “other found him” they made love, the others killed him and exhiled her and she met up with….ummm…whats his name? Micheal? Or whatever.

  4. I agree Walt seemed to be an integral part of the story in the first season, but he is not the only one.

    “who else seemed to have super natural power?”

    There is Locke who seems to be able to communicate with the island (before his death) and he also possesses Wolverine-like healing abilities.

    Both Hugo and Miles talk with dead people.

    Rose is cured of cancer when arriving on the island.

    Desmond is told the rules don’t apply to him.

    Richard Alpert is ageless.

    Anyway, point being supernatural powers are not a rare occurrence on the island. I hope Walt has a larger role to play, but I don’t think his abilities guarantee it.

  5. From what I can tell, the island heals who it wants to heal…and locke clearly can’t communicate with the island very well, he is dead after all. Turns out the only purpose he had was to die so MIB can take is form.
    Miles seems to be able to, Hugo seems to be more hallucinating or something weird…maybe even MIB or the island messing with him…not like miles who can actually communicate and find things out.
    Rose-more like the island once again choosing to heal…not really an ability of hers or anything.
    Desmond- was told that by faraday, who seems to just be guessing at what the “rules” are.
    Richard- is like that because of jacob…so not his ability really, one more affect from someone else…
    Now walt…had this ability, before he came to the island..i’m not sure if it ever revealed where he was born but i’m pretty sure it wasn’t on the island, i think i remember some Michael back story where walt is born..and i dont think its onl the island…(can anyone confirm this)

    So along the lines of supernatural powers…a lot of what you said still seems to be the island more than the people choosing anything…if they aren’t causing it…i wouldn’t call it their power….i’d say its the island…in richard’s case, jacob.

  6. The one special thing about Walt not mentioned here, is what he told the real Locke off island.
    About his dream of a bunch of people standing around him, wanting to hurt him.
    I assume this will be the Anti-Locke that we saw kick Jacob into the fire after he returns from inside the statue, and people realize that he played a role in killing Jacob…or maybe he will just blame it all on Ben, lol…why not, I would…
    As he said to Richard, then they have to “deal” with the Ajira passengers that brought ‘him’ to the island.

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