Breaking The Loop – Good vs Evil

First off this is an unfinished theory.

What I am proposing is something different than the norm. This has to deal with a battle of good vs evil.

To determine whos good and evil thats an easy one. Jacob is good and MIB is evil. We all know that MIB wants to kill Jacob which makes him stick out as evil.

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2 thoughts on “Breaking The Loop – Good vs Evil

  1. Aaron, nice thoughts on how ‘things’ should be! It appears that Jacob is good and his Nemesis is evil. However, I don’t think good and evil is as easily defined. I view this, as much more complicated.

    Rose and Bernard epitomize having accepted and embraced their destiny.

    They are exercising their free will, and choosing to live their lives, and not become involved in any of the fighting at present.

    Perhaps, their stance is the first indication that change is occurring, and why they could be considered to be the ‘Adam & Eve’ of ‘the island’.

    A change in the loop? It’s a good bet!

    Nice thoughts!

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