Saving the World

So, heaps of people have come up with really great theories – a lot to do with time loops, but none of them are really sitting that well with me, just because I can’t see how 1) all the time periods shown can be connected and 2) how they could possibly wrap it all together in just 1 more season.

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2 thoughts on “Saving the World

  1. Tas, this is definitely a nice spin on the loop!

    As for the ‘grandfather paradox’, the writers have said that there are no paradoxes on Lost, so that remains to be seen.

    While it is possible that the smoke monster could serve either Jacob or his Nemesis, I am inclined to believe that it is likely under neither ones control. Its purpose appears to be one of judgement that either forgives, or dispenses its own brand of ‘island’ justice.

  2. I like this theory. It’s a good attempt to simply explain things. I really like your ideas about why Jacob would be bringing people to the Island. Nice work.

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