‘I saw them all die’ R.Alpert

We don’t have in in a lie, do we? (If anything, he seems burdened by having to be the messenger as asked.) I think he thinks he saw this. There is the flash that brings them to 2007 and the incident where all the Dharma at the Swan died (but not the 815ers who flashed – and Juliette’s either lucky that Jack’s there or buried somewhere like the rope without the well.)

BTW: Angels are Messengers …

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9 thoughts on “‘I saw them all die’ R.Alpert

  1. waycurious, I believe this to be true. Having said that, if we believe this, then we must accept that something changed.

    While it is possible that Juliette was successful in activating the core of the bomb, it appeared that a similar occurrence to that of Desmond’s happened, when he turned the fail safe key. Or, when the ‘time flashes’ on ‘the island’ occurred.

    I also think ‘the losties’ will likely ‘flash’ into the present. Thus, the words of Jacob to his Nemesis….They’re coming!

  2. If this is a part of a plan by Jacob (who I believe, like Ben, always has a plan) it could explain why Locke didn’t pass ‘the test’ as a boy … he hadn’t yet been touched by Jacob.

  3. Yeah, I agree… this is what happened. There’s really no reason at all to think that it means change must have happened. I keep seeing this in comments… if they flash to 2007 it means change happened or if there is a loop there must be change or if Jack is going to have to deliver through cesarean section so something must have changed. None of those statements are true. Any of those things can very easily have happened without changing anything.

  4. I think that even if they time travel, they cannot change anything. Since they presently are attempting to change something, that means that the past was already affected by their attempts and it is what it is. It is just a loop that keeps happening and repeating. This would make time travel more insignificant because there would be no purpose since the outcome cannot change because it has already been affected to begin with.

  5. the way i see it is… the only way richard would have seen them die is due to the purge… where he was the one who led it (with younger ben) the purge happened later than 1977 (not sure of the exact year sorry).. so the only thing i think that would make that happen was if they got flashed there.. but then, they wouldnt get flashed to 2004 where they are “supposed” to be.. or its all lies, maybe richard was mistaken in thinking that they died, or he does secretly know about time travel and he doesnt think that the losties will make it back to normal time.. maybe he knows some big secret… or maybe he knows nothing

  6. Richard wasn’t at the Swan sight when they detonated the bomb, so he couldn’t have seen them die then (he would have died to if he was there). But Jack, Hurley, Juliet, etc. were not part of the Purge, unless the bomb didn’t change anything and the dharma controled it and continued with their business. Ahhh i’m so confused…

  7. yeah richards comment was small but i think could be significant. im very very amateur when it comes to time travel and that stuff, though i got the impression when richard said this “he saw them all die”, he was talking about the purge. And that in a previous timeline? or whatever its called, that some of the losties did end up on island in previous timeline. although something happened in that previous time to make variables change and make jughead not explode. And so maybe he talks about the purge when he says he saw them dying.
    It could make my theory of the Losties and Co fit in. My theory here is that they all previously went through the same scenario many times before but never succeeding as variables changed and different decisions being made never led them to jughead exploding before. And so now jughead has exploded it has meant that they have made progress. And they now have new road for them ahead on the island to help Jacob.

    Sorry about confusion of this comment Im just out of bed and had brainstorm lol x

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