Horace’s Cabin – Theory Revisited/Revamped

(Admitedly, we don’t know Jacob’s cabin IS Jacob’s cabin – probably held MIB … but … )

Jacob’s Cabin and Horace’s Cabin is the same. Horace sounds like the Egyptian god
Horus, and his wife/mother is Isis – the goddess of fertility and the son/brother of Osiris – the Lord of the Dead/Resurrection. He was supposed to protect the people of Egypt from Set. The Pharaohs are said to be he in human form.

Another Horus link to babies is w/Tawaret – the goddess who protects pregnant women/childbirth. She was sleepin’ with Horus’ enemy, Set – the god of the chaos/darkness/desert (he’s delicious). Set lost a testicle, and that’s why the desert (and island?) are infertile. [Yeah, more info than we needed to know, but that’s what it says. There’s more to this story that could explain why MIB won’t eat food from Jacob *blecch* ]

Set/Horus also fight to see who should be the ruler of Egypt (others?). There’s also stuff about ‘the Eye of Horus’.

So … How about Jacob is Horus and MIB is Set … and where do you go when you get off the island by spinning that wheel …

Problem – Horus has a falcon head – but then Tawaret’s is usually a hippos.

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6 thoughts on “Horace’s Cabin – Theory Revisited/Revamped

  1. waycurious, I think if we are going to subscribe in the whole ‘ancient mythology’ idea, this would make the most sense to me.

    I have read many theories on who the statue is/isn’t, but this would make the most sense, for the reasons you stated!

    Nice work!

  2. waycurious, you’re definitely on to something with Horus. After reading up on him, I’m absolutely convinced he has ties with the green falcon seen twice already in the series, which called out Hurley’s name. Also, the infertility story is certainly significant, and the bit about the eye. Excellent catch!

  3. Hmm… I have no doubt that there is more than a subtle egyptian vibe to the goings-on on the Island, but I have my reservations about Horus vs. Set. The presence of Horus wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest, given the presence of the falcon (which I had totally forgotten about!) and, of course, creepy Dharma Horace. And the repetition of close-ups of eyes throughout the series lends some credence to Horus being significant.
    I suppose my biggest concern is with Set. He wasn’t evil, and in fact was worshipped as the patron god of Upper Egypt. The rivalry between Set and Horus makes sense, but just so you know, Upper Egypt did end up conquering Lower Egypt. So Smokey wins? Seems like Smokey is a bit more evil that just a god of Chaos (or, specifically, necessary chaos). And this doesn’t explain Set/Smokey’s ability to assume the form of the dead. Could it be that we have, in fact, seen more than just these evidenced egyptian Gods?
    We have a confirmed Tawaret, and you make a very good argument for Horus’ presence. Personally, I believe Smokey fits better as Apep, which would make Jacob Ra. But who else could be present? Someone should catalog every mythological reference we have seen so far. We might find some clues.

  4. I was leanin’ towards Apep bein’ smokie … and Osirus is still some kind of option. We don’t KNOW MIB is evil … just rival of Horus. AND, we can’t even be sure MIB/Jacob aren’t reversed. Set was seen as having white skin and reddish hair

  5. One thing to keep in mind may be that the Ancient Egyptian references aren’t much more than symbols. I don’t think the point is to make Jacob/MIB or any other character out to be Gods as it is to imply that they represent specific concepts like life or death.

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