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I am new to this website, my name is Nick. I registered to get some good converstaions going and meet some lost fans.

One thing iv’e been wondering lately..

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you all everybody

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  1. yo nick, first of all i would like 2 say that your username is top notch, haha. as i love driveshaft!the person who weve seen in the cabin was christian sheppherd, he was sitting rocking in the chair. well infact it isnt the real chtistian, but an imposter christian! isnt theoriesonlost the best site ever? eko rocks

  2. Well just to clarify as well, the first person we saw that said “help me” was intended to be Jacob but we dont know for a fact if it is. Ben was lying to begin with about being able to see him. It could of just been something he had come up with in order to not really take Locke to see jacob. But to his surprise he got more than he bargained for. So the original man we see in the rocking chair could of just been MIB(the man on the beach?). Or jacob as well who knows.

  3. you all everybody, my understanding was that an actor to play the role of Jacob had not been cast at the time, this was shot. An extra played the role.

    I think it is safe to assume, that this was not Jacob, though. As Ilana stated, Jacob had not been inhabiting the cabin for a long time!

  4. Thanks for your positive replys. And yes this is the best site ever =]

    I hope Jacob wasnt’t in lost just for one episode to be killed, season 6 has a lot of questions to answer.

    I personally think the MIB was Jacobs brother who is dead and Smokie is using his body to speak to Jacob on the beach.

    what lies in the shadow of the statue? He who will save us all!

  5. HOW do we KNOW it is an imposter Christian??? I’ve seen every episode at least twice and never thought that for a second. So what have i missed?

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