The Incident – The losties cause themselves to be stranded.

The idea that the Losties are actually CAUSING the incident which causes them to crash has been thrown around, however I didn’t see any mention of Pierre Chang. I think the fact that in the orientation video he has no hand(or arm?), and that he says that there was “an incident”, would seem to indicate that this incident was THE original incident, as he has his hand crushed. Now of course anything is possible, after all if nothing can really be changed by them being there, then the same incident could have just happened under different circumstances. However if they CAN change what happens, then they cause their own plane to crash. This of course leads to a paradox, how can someone cause themselves to crash in the past, like, how could it have happened the first time? Perhaps, Jacob is the answer to how it got started. But it does seem like there is a timeloop problem going on.

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4 thoughts on “The Incident – The losties cause themselves to be stranded.

  1. Hi Chris,

    I’ve thought of this before, too. However, I reflected on the comments from Faraday about the future always “course correcting” and so I concluded that the events would take place, regardless of the actions of anyone, because it is the course that has already happened. Instead of effecting the course of objective events, I think it is more likely that it only effects the subjective experiences of the individuals… e.g. effects their perception of whether they are the cause of the events, therefore effecting future decisions they make, which will either prove or disprove Jacob’s convictions about human nature (and Mib’s contrary convictions).

  2. Chris63084, it may turn out to be the case that ‘the losties’ were responsible for causing ‘the incident’.

    However, if we apply the reasoning of Daniel Faraday, that ‘the variables’ will effect the original outcome, we may see a different end result. I anticipate we will.

    I wrote a theory entitled The Variables, if you would like to give it a read.

    We cannot ignore the ‘science’ nor its importance in explaining the concept. If we accept the notion of a ‘constant’, than we must also accept the notion of ‘variables’.

    Nice read!

  3. I read your post and while I agree that if Faraday is right then yes there are constants and variables…but those are just terms to explain something that no one understands really. Well, maybe Jacob, but everyone else seems so stuck in time that they can’t get an “above view” and really understand what happens. Time travel and continuity isn’t an exact science, and the writers can pretty much play it any way they want at this point…is it going to be “back to the future” time travel, or “terminator” time travel? My whole point is, if we take Faraday’s explanation as absolute science, and his interpretation of variables and constants, then i feel like we may be giving him too much credit, he’s brilliant, but he still clearly has no idea whats actually going on. He just keeps getting it wrong and then he dies…that’s pretty much the story of Daniel Faraday.

  4. I do think that our ‘Losties’ caused the very incident which they were trying to avert. And thereby, everything that happened subsequently. Not only are they stuck, so are Jacob and his nemesis. But there are rules, some things that no one can get around no matter what they do.

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