The Others, The Island as Eden, and The Dharma Initiative

I’ve been formulating some more theories based on the concept that the Jacob and Mib are God and the Devil, and the Island is Eden. Here they are, please feel free to discredit, support, discuss!

Basic Premise:
The Island = Eden
Jacob = God
Mib = Devil
Jacob and Mib debate about whether fallible humans, left to their own devices and free will, will choose a righteous path or a self serving path.

So, The Others may be the Redeemed Ones. Those that have passed the test and have been allowed to live on the island eternally (they have been allowed back into Eden, even though humans were cast out long ago).

The Losties are the proverbial guinea pigs… brought to the island simply for the purpose of settling the bet between Jacob and Mib, by installing them into a predetermined set of circumstances to see how they deal with it all (righteous path or a self serving path). Jacob, repeatedly disappointed but refusing to lose hope in humanity, loops them back through time again and again to allow the humans to “progress” in their spiritual development, because he believes that they will eventually redeem themselves. Jacob essentially “forgives them for they know not what they do.”

The Dharma Initiative, I believe is the result of human beings stumbling across the island and attempting to colonize it so they can harness the power of the island. They have to install a fence around their colony to protect them from the true power and purpose of the island… which is to test and judge.

I’d love to hear someone apply some of this to theories about Aaron and his ultimate purpose. In earlier seasons, children seemed to be a really big deal to the Dharma Initiative, remember they quickly kidnapped all the children as soon as Flight 815 crashed, and explained later that they were “giving them a better life”??

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2 thoughts on “The Others, The Island as Eden, and The Dharma Initiative

  1. Your theory was an interesting read. However, I would hesitate calling the Island Eden since there seems to be a lot of death and destruction on it. I liked your thinking on the sonic fence though, nice bit of thinking out of the box.

  2. I think your theory makes sense and it sounds good but i’d be a little dissapointed if it turned out to be as simple as that. Jacob being God and MIB being the Devil- it just seems too obvious or something.

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