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Right just a few bits and bobs to discuss and get feedback on

Firstly a lot of theories about light vs dark and good vs evil. I am thinking there is definatly some kind of war going on but i dont think there is a side that is right or wrong. Remember man of science vs

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  1. I like it. Imagine that someone in the far distant past discovers a portal and walks through it. they find themselves on an island in the pacific that is a nexus to all times in the world.

    This island can be accessed through gateways in space 9say, in Tunisia) or by accident (you can crash there or be castaway).

    They can walk through a gate at the center of the island and go to the past or future and muck everything up. A group sets itself up as a sort of time patrol. They are culled from all times and places, chosen and trained to remain on the island and protect its secret through history from anyone unscrupulous enough to want to use it for their own means. We can call these people OTHERS or HOSTILES. They are fanatical because the fate of the whole human race, the integrity of the timeline rests in their hands. They are the good guys.

    Then there are random visitors to the island who end up there by various means, balloon crashes and such. They must be judged either as threats or as potential new recruits for the island security force…

    Lets suppose that Jacob and MIB are two such senior members of the Force. They have disagreements on methods and processes by which people should be chosen. Maybe MIB feels that you cannot recruit people from the past. You cannot select a group of potential candidates and lure them onto the island by a seemingly random incident to make them an offer to saty and join you. only chaos will result. The human race will not be ready for the job until after

    Only candidates from after the year 2190 are viable. Jacob begs to differ and tries again and again to find people capable of taking over the job…

    Their acrimony grows until MIB figures the only thing he can do is kill Jacob. But the rules say he cannot. If one of his peons does it the authorities will write it off as a result of Jacob’s meddling with the time line whereas if MIB has a direct hand in the deed it becomes murder. So he looks for a loop hole.

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