Dharma, Jacob, Hawking, Widmore


I”m new here, and this is my first post.

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5 thoughts on “Dharma, Jacob, Hawking, Widmore

  1. Ellie seems a bit more peeved at Widmore who was banished for fathering a child off-island … and I’m pretty sure it wasn’t with her … or was it … where was she that day? their babies … are there Others?

  2. First of all, welcome! Happy to hear more thoughts about Lost. I like your idea, Dutch. It’s hard to say if and to who Hawking’s alleigence lies, but I think this is a good possibility. 🙂

  3. well, this is just my take, but i think if anything jacob and whidmore would be on the same side

    Ben ousts Whidmore from the isle which whidmore goes through great lengths to try and find his way back


    In the cabin with Locke and Linus Locke hears the Help me plea.

    Then when Locke leaves the island Whidmore visits him.

    The only thing that makes it hard to tell is… who did Locke hear?

    was it jacob, christian or someone else we are not sure of yet such as MIB… we do know Ilana says someone else has been using the cabin, but we dont know at what point the cabin starts being used by someone other than Jacob.

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