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Alright, so I was reading a post on here about how the producers had hinted that there was a major clue in the first episode. The poster stated that they thought it might have to do with pieces of the airplane wreckage that Jack seemed to focus on for an extended length of time. So I was curious…

So I watched the episode again for like the 25th time, actually 3rd, and noticed something about the opening eye scene. I have tried to see what the reflection was in Jack’s eye multiple times but to no avail. Viewing that scene this time sparked a different thought. In regards to that sound that occurs either right before or as Jack open his eyes, it seems that it is milliseconds before his eyes open. The sound sounds like the plane crashing, or at least a large part of it. So does the noise cause Jake to wake? The noise seems to be too significant to just be an indicator that he has opened his eyes. And if so, wouldn’t that signify that Jack was already there, on the island, to be woken by the plane crashing?

Well, what say you?

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Originally from a town near Seattle, WA, now living in Memphis, TN. Yikes. Late bloomer when it comes to Lost, started watching based on the recommendation of a friend near the middle of the third season. I think. I then raced through the episodes online and have since gone through the seasons 3X. Not sane. I work as an engineer and grappling is a huge passion of mine. I am both excited, to see how it all gets explained, and sorry, I don't want the show to end, to have this be the final season.

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  1. It always ends the same. They come. They read a few theories. They post a theory based on the bogus information about there being a clue in the pilot episode.

  2. I not sure about a clue in the opening eposode but I beleve the first few episodes will have something significant in their about the overall story of lost remember when they first started lost it was only meant to run for 1 or 2 seasons I remember watching a interview with the producers and they said if it did finish when it was first planned to who’s to say that the losties would of even found the hatch maybe in the grand scheme of things dharma won’t have anything to do with the ending and putting them in was just good storytelling to strectch it out more seasons and keep us interested

  3. It’s always interesting to rewatch the early seasons with the new info we’ve gained form the later season’s. I recently rewatched “Tabula Rasa” when it occured to me during the scene where Locke’s calculator printer sounds similar to the Smoke Monster’s sound that this was a bit of foreshadowing of what eventually happened to Lock in Season 5. This is assuming MIB and Smokey are the same, which I don’t belive.

  4. I’ve seen Jack’s eye and I swear what you see is the CBS symbol.

    Someone here said in the 1st episode Kate falls on Sawyer and he says, “I’ve been waitin’ 4 years for that”. Not having watched the episode again I’m not promising it – but if it does say that, and 2004-2008? is 4 years, that would be a BIG clue.

  5. Whatever the end is the producers must of known when they started so their must be some clues in the first few episodes before they realized what ratings they were getting and decided to strech it out

  6. I think that the clue on that first episode is that there is more than one “monster”. Around 20 minutes in on the Pilot episode we clearly notice two things:

    A) The Smoke monster sound on one side.


    B) Something big walking among the trees on the other side.

    I say that because the losties look to one side when they hear the smoke monster sounds and look to the exact opposite direction when the hear something big enough to shake the trees.

    And as we know the smoke monster doesn’t shake the trees when he’s touring the island.

    Also Michael’s son instantly asks “Is that Vincent?” which leads me to believe that either Smokey or the other still unknown monster has indeed incorporated Vincent the dog throughout the show and he was aware of it the whole time.

    As for Jack always ending up unconscious and away from the remaining losties indicates that he was pulled out of the plane before both airplanes crashed on the island.

    One clue that I’m yet to investigate is the tennis shoe hanging on the tree. If I’m not mistaken that shows up three times during the show and could mean something time wise for everything we’re watching.

  7. yoyoyo!

    i didnt notice much. just sort of imagery!

    one thing though, but its more of a mistake, or perhaps my mistake.

    but when jack kate and charlie travel to the cockpit, and the pilot was killed. there was a voe of silence about it. as boone asked of any survivors, but jack said no.

    yet, when sawyer killed the polar bear, boone said , maybe thats what killed the pilot.

    maybe my mistake. but yeah.


  8. 🙂 locked: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for bringing up the fact that there is the possibility of two monsters. I relized this not too long ago, and I would have posted but I have been trying to figure out what it might mean. I don’t ever recall Smokey getting pissed at anyone enough to splatter thier blood all over the place, either. Smokey has only ever dragged people into his hole. So now I really want to know what it was that killed the pilot and takes out trees. Now that I think about it though, in the first season (pretty sure) Locke was exploring in the jungle and came face to face with a big invisable something that swayed the trees over Lockes head. I think that was when Locke came back to the beach and says something like “I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw there was something beutiful.”

    I think the clue is very minor, but obvious. (For the record, I have no idea what it is, though. 😉 )

  9. Does the thing on the right of Jack’s head when he wakes up not look like the extendable black night stick thingy that Ben uses to beat the sh*t out of Keamey?

    Shoot me down if you think not…

  10. I can’t remember what episode, but I believe its one from season 5, the Losties are in the old Dharma camp, and the trees of the jungle rattle close to them, and one of them (Lipidus?) says, “Tell me you saw that.” And that was the end of it. No Smokey noise or anything. Indication of a second monster maybe?

  11. As for the pilot episode, I noticed the sound waking Jack up also. Then, the second character we see is Vincent. Also notice Jack is not wet. Don’t know what it all means, just observations.

  12. One thing that really stuck out to me was Charlie putting paper rings around his fingers, and each had one letter. Together, it spells FATE.

  13. i think the two monster theory could be correct, as ben “lets loose” smokey, and when you see smokey in season 4, you dont see him moving trees etc..
    mind you, the first thing i thought when i saw the trees moving in the pilot episode, was “wow, must be one huge dude!”.. for some reason, recently the statue popped up in my idea, and i know its a rubbish thought, but how cool would it be if the statue WAS running around the island….

  14. also, i thought that the sound of smokey in the pilot, sounds a bit like the (wing)that was moving, and nearly fell on hurley and claire…

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