jacob up to his old tricks!

so, you know that airliner to france from rio that ‘dissapered’?

well, there was this guy and he missed the flight, and obviously cheated death, well, he just died in a car crash in austria!

i think jacob killed him……


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15 thoughts on “jacob up to his old tricks!

  1. you know-i saw that on the news. weird, huh? it’s almost like some ‘final destination’ scene..death just keeps coming for you. can you imagine-he probably was still reeling and thinking how lucky he was not to have died in the plane crash!

    “the universe has a way of ‘course-correcting’…” eloise hawking to desmond

  2. haha!1 yuor right dabs, although this might sound weird, but i bet hes thinking hed rather have took that flight! such a better way to go!….aha!


  3. angelparka, course correcting is a phrase thats put about to much, all it acctually means, is its a technical term used by nasa, for when there rockets go of course, and they have to get back on course, the correcty course.

    lots of love, buzzlightyear (buzzaldrin)



  4. haha buzz….aka losts-columbo, I just hope he wasn’t celebrating too hard, thinking he cheated death!

    You know what they say, about destiny being a fickle bi*ch and all.

    That is a very good topic for debate!

  5. ahah!

    theres no such thing as destiny, you open your own doors, i feel people who believe in destiny are lazy people! like, not wanting to create their own openings, and just sit about and wait for destiny…



  6. losts-columbo, while I intend to subscribe to the same beliefs, I do believe we are here for a ‘purpose’. A ‘purpose’ or lesson, if you like, that we agreed on some level to learn.

    Having said that, there will be human beings that will not rise to the occasion, and wait for ‘their so-called destiny’ to find them.

    That aside, what is that saying? God helps those, who help themselves! “You make your own luck”. “You are the master of your own destiny”.

    This I also believe is true! Perhaps, I have confused Fate with Destiny! lol

  7. haha!

    i dont unfortunatly subscribe to anything to do with god or religioun, but i appreciate it.

    the only thing that gets me about you create your own destiny, means there is already a path laid out for yo, as destiny suggest an alrerady created end to you life and times. this i find rediculous. becasue you can tell me a child of three weeks who dies of a brainclot was its destiny, i mean, like three weeks of making the most of my destiny? hah

    also, i do not belive in luck, this is anothter thing that annoys me, luck is the bain of my life. i try to make people feel happy, and give them advise, and help them, but this they come back to me and say, ‘oh things are great ive been lucky’, its basically low self esteem, theyve had nobody to say, ‘welldone im proud of you’, so they emediatly say it was luck, because thy wont belive it is them thats helped themselves!

    anyway, physaciatrist talk over!


  8. losts-columbo, well here is where I differ with you on certain things. If we are here to ‘learn’, be it to be more humble, kind, forgiving, loving, patient, whatever the case may be, perhaps the child that inspired such love in you that dies so tragically will help you to achieve more of that particular quality, therefore making you a better person!

    So, I detest the catch-phrases, and understand why many people are put-off by religion, in the traditional way.

    I am more of a spiritual person, who subscribes to many things, and sees that even from enormous tragedy may come our greatest gift!

    I agree about ‘the luck’ thing! What makes that statement very inaccurate, IMO is, that people do not subscribe ownership for being responsible for their own success!

    I’ll send you my bill, for that last statement, sir! lol haha!

  9. i see your thinking terresa (haha), but i think religioun was the greatest story told, but has helped many so many years its been bastardised into something its not, inmy opinion! (although being a roman catholic, ill probably get punished for saying that! ahah!).

    and i agree wtih you luck statement, the whole point of luck i think, is its away of describing something you dint think was going to happen, and were some people cant accept they helped it to happen, you state,ent was better than mine thought! ill write it down! aha!

    ill send you my bill dabs, and ill take yours off it, as its twice as big! hhaah!


  10. losts-columbo, if we were to discuss life’s philosophies, spirituality, my views on formalized religion, etc., you couldn’t afford my bill. haha lol

    Yes, I too am RC., and have every respect, but as you say, all of the answers to life are not there. I study many different philosophies, and aspects of spirituality.

    I also don’t want to have the doors slammed shut on me, based on a ‘technicality’, therefore subscribe! lol

  11. haha! well, im supposed to be roman catholic, because it was a better school, haha! good old mum! always knows her priorities! i like it though, i love roman history, so being labelled half roman is cool with me my bruva you get me?
    (talking street there)

    well, id love to talk about it to, i think wed make a really good bill up! love philosophy!

    gonna hit the hay and spit on the clay now, so talk to you soon!



  12. My dear friend losts-columbo, I am afraid it is I who will be ducking out early tonight, as I am physically exhausted! Another long day, and early rise tomorrow. I am off to relax with a refreshing beverage! lol

    Have a good night, and sleep well, my bella!



  13. ok sleepyheads, im up now.

    i have some of my own thoughts on a lot of what you’ses has said.

    I dont believe in fate as in every little thing being defined, but i think it is possible we are predetermined to come to certain decisions. Like we have a basic path but the branches we choose lead to differences. For example your R.C. upbringing. Your fate was decided for those first 18 years and most of what you chose would have brought you to the same point – graduation. Not sure how old you are but, when you look back now I am certain you can find one or two decisions that affected the course your next 5-6 years took, like what college you decided or whether or not you decided to go to college at all, a job you took, someone you dated. I can trace 10 years of my life, people I have met back to one nights decision to be at a certain place. I met one person, who introduced me to someone else, who got me a job which made me my current group of 5-7 closest friends. None of which would have happened if I had not decided that one thing. So yes I agree it is always our choice, it is our fate, and we create our own luck, but there is a certain path we are set onto and based on the decisions we make create new paths of life (or fate). That one decision led to my entire 20’s but then I made another decision, happened to meet my wife and now i have created a whole new path which I have no idea where it will lead, but in 20 years I will look back and it will be clear as day how deciding to play poker 1 more day on an app I was about to quit changed my life.

    I agree the church is crooked and that the Dark ages are so called that due to destruction of knowledge brought about by the churches, however, it does not mean Religion itself is rubbish. You cannot blame those things on God (if he exists, personally i believe there is), but those are man-made things. I don’t think there is any 1 true religion, they all go back to the same thing. I don’t believe man has the power to absolve my sins, or agree with the selling of indulgences but that doesn’t prove the existence of god one way or the other. I don’t think God cares whether i go to church or not, I do however, believe he cares about one thing, how i treat others. I think those are the important decisions. ‘Everything else is just progress.’

    On a quick sidenote- i think it interesting there are about 186 religions in the world. about 170 of them share the Great Flood story (noah’s ark) again, it does not prove or disprove anything, in fact it does a little of both.

    However, there are some things, strange as they are I do believe, like the Book of life. supposedly before we are born your name is either in the book of life or the book of the dead. It doesn’t mean you don’t control your destiny, it just means someone understands already which decisions you will make before you make them… in this regard I thought it was really cool in one of the Matrix movies where Neo goes to see the Oracle and she says, you already made your choices, you are just here to understand why you made them, I believe this might be somewhat true. So again, I agree with you about being lazy, it’s not an excuse to say well it is written, or I’m a loser, life is what you make it, and it’s never too late to change.

    I heard about that guy that missed the plane crash. It is pretty weird huh? I wonder how many other things like that have happened that no-one knows about.

    Lastly, the only thing i know for certain in life… is that i cannot claim with any degree of certainty that any given thing is true or false. does that make sense?

    Just saying, I am not Jack. I dont tell people they are wrong and I am right just because that’s the way it is. No one knows anything. We could all be right, we could all be wrong, but most likely, I am wrong. Just hoping you see it as that, my humble opinions and that it gave you something to think about. Everyone here certainly gives me things to think about… and i love it.

    By the way, you both owe me a penny. lol.

    ‘see ya in another thread, brutha’

  14. Holdem Caulfield, I was not sleeping but busy! lol

    I admire the fact that you took a chance on love. It sounds like the choice you made, really paid off for you! This was a gift that you were open to receiving.

    You make some very good points on the whole religion/fate debate! I also agree that some things are pre-destined, such as your path!

    It is up to you, which route you take to get to the end of your journey, and how you will experience that journey. There will always be detours, stop and go signs, along the way.

    Life is about taking chances, making choices, and making your own luck along the way, as Hurley wisely said.

    I like your thinking on this. Good comment!

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