Charlie’s Death

Here is what I don’t get about Charlie dying at the end of season 3.

When skeletor pops up in the window with the grenade and charlie runs to the door to close it…
why did he just not step out the door and duck around the side or tackle Desmond to the ground???

or say “Fire in da hole Brutha!” and dive into the submarine bay??

He already pushed the button. The yellow light already stopped flashing.
It didn’t matter if the place flooded, they already would have had to swim out.
And not that it would have made a difference (probably) but why didn’t he at least try to open the damn door!!!!

Instead he’s like cool, I’m gonna rock out on some underwater air guitar. He was probably playing stairway to heaven or something. Did he not see the sign in the store??? NO stairway to heaven!

don’t get me wrong, i understand the writers killed him for some reason, and i certainly liked charlie, but, to me, this is Darwin’s theory of evolution at work. To put it in the words of a wise wise man by the name of Red Foreman, “Charlie, you dumbass!”

Tonight I play my own song for Charlie, it is a new song by an old british band that died in the 80’s and somehow came back, just like ol’ Charlie wanted to do with Drive-Shaft it was written by the Pet Shop Boys. its called “I’m with Stupid.”

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Holdem Caulfield

I'm a lost junkie. My 3 favorite characters are Desmond Hume, Hugo Reyes and Frank Lapidis, in that order. Not a Huge fan of Jack. In fact he annoys the Pi** out of me. I wish he hung out with Locke more, he would probably be dead... just like the writers intended, lol. Favorite episode was "The Constant." Love Texas Hold'em. one of my emails is:

5 thoughts on “Charlie’s Death

  1. Charlie decided to basically kill himself because 1. Desmond said that no matter what the world would course-correct and he would still eventually die and 2. Desmond said if he died Claire and Aaron would be taken away from the island.

    I’m sad he died… Charlie=best character on lost…

  2. I’m sad also, Charlie was awesome, he fought his demon’s and kicked his dirty habits. I guess I also agree with you, I just wish they made it so Mikhail pulled the pin to the grenade right before Charlie entered the code, this way it would make sense for him to run and close the door, then work frantically to disarm the jammer thingy.

    I would not be crying myself to sleep wondering ‘Why god, WHYYYY? Why’d ya have to take Charlie brutha?’

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