“Are you sure you dont want some tea?”

A line delivered by Bernard to Juliet in the season finale.

I dont normally do this, but in regards to the tons of theories pouring in, I may have missed something on this, although I dont believe so, but just in case…sigh…Im sorry if someone has already said this.

When Bernard asks Juliet if she is sure she wouldnt like some tea, I cant help but view this line as a much more powerful question than simply an offer of a beverage.

You see, if you recall earlier seasons of Lost, you might remember the book club meetings, where Juliet among “Others” meet to discuss their favorite, or least favorite books.

In the scene in which Juliet is degraded by Adam…no I dont think its that Adam, she defends her “favorite book”, Carrie by Steven King, regardless of the fact that he even says Ben wouldnt like it.

I find this funny, because later in the very same episode, Ben tells John that he very much likes King’s Work, and even prefers it over Dostoyevsky.

This is the same book that Juliet is holding when 815 crashes after/during the club meeting, and the same book that they are about to discuss, when Juliet is about to show Amelia the envelope, which I believe holds Ben’s Xrays in one of the Lost Missing Pieces mobisode/short.

I cant help but think about the beginning of that conversation, or at least the video, which starts with a loud whistle from the teapot.

From the meeting points that take place at Juliet’s home in Otherville, this teaparty/bookclub is the origin point, that Ben eventually leads Juliet (Carrie in hand) to Mikhail, who eventually shows her the live feed of Richard in the park, streaming Juliets sister, and her young son Julian.

I thought back to this scene, and the reaction to the question on Juliets face upon hearing it, and cant help in some way feel it is a representation of what she is giving up (or saving depending on how you view it).

I think that even though Bernard may be in the dark on all of the teaparty madness that took place before, the question itself may bring Juliet to understand, that by proceeding with what is about to take place, she may very well be giving her sisters life, if they change things and 815 never crashes or her never arriving on the island.

Jacob is supposedly the one who saves her sister, and without everything happening exactly as it did the first time, she may give up what she cared about most in the world before she arrived on the island, that being her sister and her previously unborn child, Julian, appropriatly named after Juliet herself.

With this thought, it leads me again to the question not of “Can you change the past?”…but if you could…”Should you change the past?”

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Abbot Enheduanna Schwarzschild

24 thoughts on ““Are you sure you dont want some tea?”

  1. AES, you are very observant! I think you have touched on something with your theory, that may tell us why Juliette had mixed feelings!

    I think this may have been what caused Juliette to question what they were about to do.

    I had forgotten about the ‘timing’ of Jacob’s saving her sister, Rachael.

    Juliette’s family meant everything to her, so I am sure she would have contemplated that very question.

    You raise a very good question about ‘should the past be changed’, if you have the ability. I guess in order to answer that particular question accurately, one would have to know what the future holds, before one could make that decision.

    I can always count on you to provide us with an enlightening view, that makes us really think!

    Nice work!

  2. im not sure who said or what post, but someone else thought something about the are you sure / tea question. They also pointed out she was holding her stomach, so they thought maybe she was pregnant. i think because of the flashback of divorce and her feelings for sawyer and knowing he still loves “wake o’destruction” Kate.

    so you are not the only one and perhaps you are onto something, i must be missing something because i didn’t think anything of it.

    yeah, great point about the should the future be changed too.

    I personally don’t believe they are going to change anything. If the show ends with them landing in LA I will never watch anything Cuse or Lindleof work on again. I will probably camp out in their drive way like locke and steal their kidneys. lol.
    plus since it’s one of jacks ideas, I think they are going to do more harm than good, or maybe what miles said… cause the incident. Jack has been wrong about too many things. just my opinion, and im not basing that on anything.

    AES that was a strange story too about the note at work. Think it was Locke?

  3. Thanks for the comments ladies and gents…

    Dabsi… You know better than anyone that I nitpick the slightest details, and become frustrated sometimes when I miss seemingly obvious things.
    It could very well be just a drink for the road.
    But if you watch the scene, the line seems to carry some kind of importance to Juliet, possibly a last chance, as if Bernard knows one way or the other, if they succeed, things will be different when its done.

    Holdem…I am a believer of change, but not in the terms that it is spoken of on the show exactly. I think that the change that could be caused would not be through the way in which we have seen, nor by those individuals. I think the change that would occur would be less predictable than what where you would end up when turning the donkey wheel…Its an imercise science. Although I believe John and moreso Desmond are the keys to that particular possibility…but this is the wrong place for that debate.
    Thanks for pointing out the other post on this topic, if you can get me a name or link that would be great. I would love to read someone elses view on the subject.
    Glad you appreciated my weirdo story as well, lol, I seriously cant and really wouldnt make that stuff up. Although I found out it had been talked about prior, I was at least entertained myself and able to enlighten more on the idea who hadnt heard it.
    Thanks for the comment as well Sin, awesome indeed…cannot wait to see whats in store!

  4. AES I found this very interesting. I’m going to have to rewatch that scene now. I liked the question you brought up at the end. When trying to deciced whether or not to do something I don’t think a lot of people consider the other ramifications beyond the immediate question, especially with time travel. I just finished watching a movie called ‘Primer’ that deals with such an issue. The two main characters accidentally make a time machine and at first set out to use it to make a lot of money in the stock market and eventually end up with more problems in the end.

  5. AES, I am grateful that you pick up some of the more subtle details!

    I think when Juliette touches her tummy is, when she is remembering Rachael and Julian.

    It also raises one other thought!

    Rose and Bernard seem to be the first on ‘the island’, to accept their lives as such, and have merged their own natures and embraced their future. That is progress!

    It is almost as if, there has been a shift in their consciousness, and they are attempting to impart some of that wisdom/knowledge to their fellow ‘losties’, and in this case Juliette.

    In terms of looking at them as Adam & Eve, perhaps this might be the reason why they were ‘coined’ with the names!

    Everyone else on ‘the island’ is still fighting, and if you really look at the situation, why are they fighting and for what end purpose? And, who created this friction?

    What is the agenda? Why hasn’t anyone been able to live in harmony on ‘the island’ that has such magical properties? Is it a blessing and a curse, all wrapped into one?

    Okay, I have asked a lot of questions, but would love for you to provide some feedback.

  6. Dabs I think you’re on to something. If I remember correctly Rose was perfectly happy to stay on the Island as far back as Season 2. The only reason Rose was ok with going to the freighter was that she believed that going with Locke was a bigger threat. Rose was also the first character shown with unwavering faith (that her husband was still alive) in the Pilot. Perhaps this is the clue in the Pilot, especially given the struggle between faith and reason that has been prominant in the show since season 2.

  7. Achalli, once Rose realized that it was ‘the island’ that had cured her, she didn’t want to return to the ‘real world’.

    That is why she and Bernard went with Locke, rather than Jack. They liked and trusted Jack, but wanted to remain. Rose was unsure if her healing would be taken from her, if she left ‘the island’.

    I think the relationship between Rose & Bernard, and their specific thoughts about ‘faith’, has gone largely unnoticed in many respects.

  8. I don’t see the line about tea being linked at all to the events from the day flight 815 crashed. Bernard offers her tea as a last plea from him for the others to just stop fighting and struggling and to accept their fate and be happy with it… That is exactly what Juliet was struggling with in her mind at the time even though she hadn’t spoken about it yet.

    Juliet was happy in 1977. She had a good life in DHARMAVille with Sawyer and she didn’t want to give that up but she was still considering the idea of throwing that all away. Bernard asks if she’d like a cup of tea and a big part of her wants to stop and have one… maybe even just to stop there and stay. But she decides to go anyway. Eventually she does lose her faith in her relationship with Sawyer and decides to throw the whole thing away (or to try and fail to throw it away in a futile attempt to change the past).

    It probably wouldn

  9. Juliette only remained on ‘the island’ in 1977 because of her love for Sawyer. Rachael’s son, Julian was not yet born. Juliette knew she had no place in ‘that world’, anymore than Sawyer did. She was made aware of her longing to be with them, at that moment, IMO.

    As we learned earlier on in the series, we do know that there was a reason why Juliette wished to leave ‘the island’, and that was because she was homesick for the two people she loved in life the most!

    She abandoned that hope when Ben told her that Jacob had healed Rachael’s cancer, and she saw the video that Richard had made of Rachael and Julian.

  10. Juliet decided to stay on the island in 1974 because of Sawyer and fell in love with him later… Her decision to stay on the island when Ben showed her that Rachel and Julian were healthy and happy is what, in her mind anyway, saved them. She stayed because Jacob healed Rachel and staying meant that Rachel could continue to be healthy. So what would it mean for Juliet to decide to change the past in order to get back to Rachel and Julian?

    When she decided that it would be a good idea to try to change the past so that the plane would never crash she wasn’t thinking about Rachel and Julian at all. What is Juliet’s life like on the island if the plane never crashed? Well, she’s got her guy, Goodwin, sure… but she’s stuck on the island with Ben, still believing that she’s saving her sister by staying. She gains nothing.

  11. Who said she was changing the past to get back to Rachel and Julian?

    I actually suggest that by changing the past it would destroy the possibility of Jacob saving Julian and Rachael.

    I never said the losties would change the past by detonating Jugghead…I said previously that John and Desmond (moreso)were the keys to changing the past…the Losties do NOT have the same ability that Desmond has.

    My theory is directed at the fact that of all people there that Bernard could suggest the tea to, I find it strange that it was Juliet, and stranger that she really took a moment to think about it.

    I feel that there are several drinks they could have offered, and I think that the writers/producers and Bernard as well had an alterior motive for it being specifically tea, due to the fact that it was not only the beverage of choice at the book club meetings, but more importantly the beverage of choice on what I believe to be the day 815 crashed.

    Although I know it is a simple show, never holding hidden motives behind the slightest details…that maybe just this once they tried to slip in a subtle clue/reminder of Juliets past.

  12. There is no reason to believe that Julilette was changing the past to get back to Rachael & Julian!

    To suggest that Juliette wasn’t thinking of Rachael and Julian is ludicrous, IMO.

  13. When Bernard offered Juliette some tea is right after Juliette realized that Sawyer still wanted to be with Kate. I would think that would give her more of a reason to reconsider doing anything than worrying about her sister whom had already been cured in the future time line. The video was live so had to be set up in advance before any of the Others would have had knowledge of the plane crashing. So Ben was always going to show that to Juliette in order to try keep her on the island.

    Hey Dabs if you read this I really like what you had to say about Bernard and Rose’s surrender to just living out their lives in peace on the island being the progress that Jacob was talking about in his conversation with the other guy.

    One last thing. We assume that it was Jacob that helped Juliettes’ sister but we don’t know if that is true or not. Richard may have more abilities than we know or the Others knew how to help her in some medical way from Juliettes’ research on the island. They could have even taken her to some clinic in Sweden or somewhere to get her help. Lastly, the video could have been faked.

  14. Dabs, you were the first to mention Rachel and Julian. I was responding to you, not AES. She might have been thinking about them but there is no way she did what she did in 1977 because of them unless she’s dumb. But of course as AES just stated, maybe changing the past will cause Jacob to not save them so if she was thinking of them she wasn’t looking too deep into matter since in the end she did go along with it.

    Not only is it more simple for her to have been just mulling over her decision to go along with Jack’s plan to detonate the bomb which for her means giving up on her life with Sawyer once and for all but it just makes more sense. To say that Bernard offered her tea and she thought back on that book club meeting that happened way back when and meant oh so much to her is quite a stretch but that

  15. highbrow, I wasn’t aware you were directing your comment at me, as it’s not my post.

    However, I believe it has been answered satisfactorily.

    Logically speaking, it doesn’t make sense to me that Juliette would forget about her family, the people she loved.

    This is my opinion, and I realize that you don’t share it. You are entitled to your own views and opinions.

    I will continue to view Lost, and scrutinize over the details, if that is okay.

  16. I dont feel its as much directed at Juliet, than it is at us, the minor clue chasing audience.

    I think that the idea that the teapot that was related to the mobisode, just happened to be from the same party that they were having on the day that 815 crashed.

    With the idea that they are trying to stop that very thing from occuring, I find it an appropriate question to ask Juliet being that it was from the last party they were having before the crash occured, and the episode that attatches to the mobisode holds many secrets to Juliets past.

  17. Well, I certainly didn’t say that she wasn’t thinking of them at all but they most definitely weren’t her motivation for doing what she did. I reserve the right to respond to theories and comments as I like. It’s a discussion after all and not an A/B conversation.

    AES, it could be an interesting link… something subtle thrown in for the benefit of the analysis done later but it probably won’t be revealed as a primary point in the big picture of the show. But I think it’s much more likely that the question she’s asking herself at that moment is about her life with Sawyer and the potential that it will continue after things calm down… she’s starting to think he might go back to Kate and in light of her experience with her parents she believes that their love will not be enough to keep them together.

    I guess you could say that the tea is a reminder of the life she had just up to the point where the plane crashed but she hated that life… sure, she had Goodwin but what would make that any different from Sawyer? Goodwin doesn’t have another woman in his life? He’s married! Oh, they’re estranged… it’s not really all that different from her and Sawyer except if she goes back she has to deal with Ben too.

  18. It was just a line! An added line because he could sense Juliette was upset, knowing that kate and sawer had got a history! No deep meaning. I hate to say it but this has been way over analysed – we have seen enough of Lost now to realise there are hardly ever any throw away lines like this one wish are deep and meaningful. Lines like “do you know how much i wanna kill you”, now thats a line thats got some meaning and background behind it!!


  19. You all have brought some very interesting and intriguing points. My initial reaction to Bernard’s offer was that he was simply being a good host and Juliet declined because they were at the time in a hurry to stop Jack from using the bomb.

  20. Fantastic.

    Being this is in the fun section, as I and Highbrow point out, it will probably never be addressed.

    I found the line meaningful, and in doing so, connected the dots back to the mobisode attatched to the episode with Juliets experience on the day of 815 crashing, and right or wrong, I appreciate everyones comments and rebuttals.

    I thank those of you who were able to see the point I was making, regardless of if you saw it that way or not.

    I guess its another Lost coincidence, but I had FUN with it playing connect the dots either way.

  21. dear a.e.s

    i thought id comment on this with perhaps a diffrent view.

    in the poetic sense of the term, an offering of a cup of tea, is a gesture of comfort. I dont know about across the waters but in britain, a cup of tea solves every problem! if your upset about something, your always invited to a neighbours house for a cup of tea and a chat, to try make things better. our pensive parts of life revolve around tea!

    its no wonder that hitler tried to get the Luftwafer to bomb our tea astorage factories in the second world war. Big Adolf thought it would shatter us as a country, as he new how much we loved tea, and how much it brought us together.

    As for bernard, i think his gesture for a cup of tea was like how i have described above. they meant it in a way that, perhaps you should all stop, and share the tea of christ. stop and have a tranquil time like us!
    i think we call this in the writing circuit, dramatic irony. as we all know something major is going to happen, but with a simple cup of tea, good will gesture, they could have done nothing.

    so yes. summed it all up for you. you just had to ask a.e.s!


  22. feel i may have touched a slight nerve there AES. Dont take it as an insult, just my honest opinion, never said i was right!!

    I see the point you were making, i just think you may have read a little too much into it thats all. Im sure people dont agree all of the time!

    peace x

  23. D-Spy, no nerves touched, simply stating that it was not a theory, hence the “fun” posting.

    I read into Lost as if I was READing a book, not watching a show. I take it in allowing everything from meanings of color, tone of phrases, memories of characters and myself, and all the small subtle details that in a great book.

    And although they all may not be groundbreaking…it is the small details that make a good book great (and Lost a great show). And an individuals interpretation, carries more meaning than anything else for some stories to make sense to a particular person.

    I do agree with you about the people not agreeing all the time though, the obvious of that comes from almost every theory on Lost on this site…

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