dharma heiroglyphics?

if (as discussed before) that the dharma initutive is influenced by the greeks then why when the countdown clock (in season 2) counts down to zero does it flash heiroglyphics and does anyone know what they mean???

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3 thoughts on “dharma heiroglyphics?

  1. You can find out several interpretations of the ‘glyphs on the countdown clock, and many others, on lostpedia –

    Although I like that you’ve pointed out that potential flaw in other posted theories: that one side is greek and the other egyptian. Seems there’s more of an overlap than we’d noticed!

  2. (slightly off subject-) in alien vs predator (1st one) in the underground chamber/pyramid, they see evidence of aztec, egyptian and greek writings, designs etc..
    maybe lost has egyptian and greek to show that maybe these two (possibly others) civilisations once walked the island?

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