So, what did happen in the cabin?

Any thoughts on what happened in “Jacobs” cabin when locke and ben visited and things started flying around now that we know Ben doesn’t have a clue and in light of what we now know about Jacob and his nemesis?

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8 thoughts on “So, what did happen in the cabin?

  1. I don’t know I always wondered about that. I wondered why later, when ben said he had no idea what happened why he would grab the chair and say ‘stop, you have had your fun’ as to carry on his pretending… if he was pretending and he was as surprised as locke why wouldn’t he flee? why would he go through such great lengths to keep pretending, also, later when they return Richard asks Ben if Locke saw anything. lots of questions.

  2. I guess the biggest question is who was in the cabin? Jacob, Nemesis, or someone else.
    I think whoever is in the cabin is standing somewhere other than the chair, when they come in. He realizes that, like so many times before that the people can’t see him. But once he realizes that Locke heard him, he desperately tries to be noticed. I don’t think it’s Jacob, and we are supposed to believe it is Nemesis. Therefore, being as it is Lost, maybe it is someone else.

  3. And according to Ilana, someone else, other than Jacob has been using it. That tells us that the cabin has a very special use. Wonder what that is?

  4. What if … Ben brought Locke (like he was told?) and he knew the cabin’s inhabitant wasn’t Jacob.

    He didn’t seem surprised they went to the statue to find Jacob and was upset he begged to see him but wasn’t allowed but Locke could just come right on in.

  5. I like the idea of Ben being aliged with Jacob’s nemesis/smokie.

    But I have to say, I don’t (at this stage!) think anyone’s aligned with smokie. If anyone is, then they must be at ‘the top of the island heirarchy’.

    I would also say that no matter what Ben says and how much conviction he oozes whilst saying it, everything he says should be subject to scrutiny. If there’s one thing he’s consistently proven, it’s that even when he seems to be telling the truth, he’s usually lying. He is a brilliant character & actor though! 🙂

  6. I vote that it is Laura Palmer in the cabin.

    The red room from Twin Peaks and the cabin are linked.

    Also the cabin in the woods in Evil dead is also linked to the one on Lost.

    So that makes Horace the Indian from Twin Peaks and Ash is another incarnation of Nemesis (or MIB or Esau).

    Expect Bruce Campbell to show up in season six and straighten everybody out!


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