(not)Locke, The Statue, Black Rock

Any thoughts on the time periods involved in the last double episode?

Did locke and the remainder of the people on the flight that didn’t disapear into thin air with Jack etc land in the same time period? ie. late 70’s?

I say so because people are suggesting that the black rock may have destroyed the statue and yet its there in all its glory when (not)Locke goes to see Jacob, surely the Black Rock arrived many years before

Any thoughts? And when do people think the statue got destroyed?

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6 thoughts on “(not)Locke, The Statue, Black Rock

  1. not sure if i understood all the questions… but, yes i think all the people who are time-skipping are time skipping to the same times. Locke is just separated from the group.

    I don’t think the black rock destroyed the statue by smashing into it or something. unless, the black rock was being attacked by the statue (which i doubt) and they bombarded it with cannon balls. (which i also doubt)

    maybe it was the incident. maybe it was jughead (the h-bomb)

    probably wont be able to figure out until season 6

  2. So, let’s pretend it was a tsunami that brought the black rock to the middle of the island, then the tsunami, could have destroyed the statue.

  3. Let me get this straight. The H-Bomb is not really an H-bomb at the moment of detonation, right? It has been seperated from its casing which would contain the hydrogen that makes it an H-bomb. (Right?)

    It (whatever explosive force is left to it) explodes at the Swan at the moment of a time travel INCIDENT, a flash.

    The Losties within the radius of Jughead’s blast could be sent anywhere at any time from there. I assume they will be sent to a safe distance from the actual bomb or they will all dies and season six will make season four look like the Winds Of War. (Interminable).

    So why not at the time of the Black Rock? And yes, why wouldn’t the bomb be carried to the statue and cause its destruction in 1842 as well as an underwater quake that causes a mini-Tsunami that carries the black rock inland? Wouldn’t that be an awesome season opener? Jack wakes up and finds Juliet dying, Sayid dead and a ship landing on his head.

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