There is more than one Smokey…

I just finished S1 and noticed something very interesting about smokey.

When Locke runs into smokey for the first time. There is a very clear look on his face. Once of wonder and awe. That is the shot where we see locke from smokey’s perspsective. Later in another season Locke refers to this meeting as seeing “White Light”. Not black smoke. He also says in S1 that he has looked into the eye of the island and it was beautifull. I don’t think he is talking about black smoke. Not really beautifull now is it?

At the end of S1 as they are returning to the hatch with dynamite. They are attacked by smokey. Jack and Kate see a tiny wisp fly by. Not a HUGE cloud of smoke. Which I think is important. So at this point everyone runs, everyone but Locke. Locke starts walking towards the sounds. Most likely because he has allready seen it and is not afraid. This time however, when Locke’s sees it, his expression is very different. He is afraid and scared. Then it grabs him and drags him to the hole.

So my observation, or theory is this.

There is more than one of them. Possibly 1 White, 1 Black. Possibly a lot more than that. Jacob and MIB perhaps are both the same thing? A security system? Parts of a singular system but with different objectives or programming?

I just get the feeling we’ve been tricked into thinking that Smokey is singular. When in fact it is many.. or at least two.


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12 thoughts on “There is more than one Smokey…

  1. We know that the Smoke Monster can break apart because we’ve seen it traveling in small wisps that converge to form one large cloud of smoke. You say that Locke was afraid and scared, but this is contrary to what Locke describes himself. He seems irritated with Jack and tells him that the smoke wasn’t going to hurt him. I don’t think there is a second white smoke monster that we’ve yet to see. When Locke says it is beautiful, I don’t think he means aesthetically.

  2. Lostitute, I don’t believe there are two smoke monsters either!

    It is possible, like all other things on ‘the island’, that it also has a ‘dualistic’ nature. You have eluded to that in your theory. I would go with that train of thought!

  3. someone else had written about this too.. in the case of, in the pilot, we hear the noises, and see trees being moved, but smokey doesnt move the trees as he is smoke..

  4. I actually had a thought about there being two smoke monsters and I dont believe it is impossible. Mainly because the monster has appeared and acted differently on occassions. The appearance changes may have just been budget constraints in the earlier seasons, that were not there later on. But the smoke monster as it appears to Eko is decidedly different from when it appears other times.

    I assume that when Eko is chasing his brother around, this is related to Locke’s appearances in season 6 and even Christian, most likely throughout the season.

    The MIB manipulated images of the dead in order to achieve his goals. When Christian appeared to Locke in the bottom of the well, he told Locke that he must push the wheel, and bring the Oceanic 6 back. He refused to help Locke up, even though his leg was broken. Just as the other-Locke needed to manipulate Ben into stabbing Jacob, rather than actually doing it himself.

    I digress, but the reason this is related to the Smoke Monster, is however the images of Locke and Christian were being manipulated is similar to how Yemi was being manipulated to use Eko. Eko saw through the ruse and was killed. His dying words “You’re next” referred not to Locke’s death, but the fact that whoever was trying to manipulate Eko, would then try to manipulate Locke. Eko was tempted first because his faith was stronger than Locke’s at the time. It was Eko’s death that reaffirmed Locke’s faith, which made him more susceptible to temptation.

    When Eko is killed, the smoke monster makes mechanical noises, which are not present at all smoke monster attacks.

    CV on the blast door map means Cereberus Vent, which are most likely where Locke and members of Rousseau’s party were pulled underground. But was it pulling them under to be judged, as it did with Ben? I dont think so. I think it pulls you under, and then can pose as you. It drags all the dead bodies under, that is why Yemi’s body is gone, Christian’s coffin is empty. It does not explain how Locke’s body is still present however. I think that is the key to understanding the different appearances. I dont think the other-Locke is the smoke monster, but I think there are at least two.

  5. I often thought how there were possibly more than one monster, but never did it cross my mind that there may be two SMOKE monsters. I’m not sure that any Smokey would be moving trees in the Pilot episode or ripping the 815 pilot from the plane, so that is still a mystery. I do, however, like this theory for the reasons you mentioned.

  6. When Ben summons Smokey he goes (under the Temple?) and is judged, there is a hieroglyphic of Smokey ‘bowing’ to some Egyption black-headed god Lostpedia identifes as Anubis (god of the underworld/dead/afterlife) and says the glyphis are cursive, meaning religious.

    We know Smokey has something to do with island justice/judgement and is perhaps ‘a security system’ that can be summoned/called off with that fence. It also seems Smokey can manifest itself into dead-human form. (Note: Ben’s mom only appears to him on the other side of the fence.)

    Smokey has many sounds and purposes – judging and letting live def. in the mix.
    Could be one that can ‘split’ to many.

  7. Tried to find a Monster Montage on YouTube and stumbled upon when Ben summoned after Alex killed (which may be why he needed to be judged himself – he did it for selfish reasons/retribution/revenge)

    Anyway, it’s interesting that:
    1) Ben has the power to summon it (or knows how to do it).
    2) It (very big) goes to the mercinaries (presumed).
    3) House people have to leave – but Smoky didn’t attack them when 1st summoned (didn’t judge Ben then, but assumed would be danger when came back).

    BTW: Here is a montage

  8. what about in season 3 when Kate and Juliet run into that tree, the smoke monster surrounds them and they see flashes of white. I’m gonna go with dualistic nature, but I still like the Idea of there being a white smoke monster, that would be cool.

  9. i remember watching the pilot episode, and seeing the trees move ( whereas smokey seems to glide round the trees) and thought it was something like a giant… and then we found out about the statue.. and i thought how cool would it be if the statue got up and walked around?

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