What movies should be watched to look for clues in Lost?

I’ve seen people write about the movie Primer ( which is good ). I’ve suggested Donnie Darko. What are other peoples suggestions?

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4 thoughts on “What movies should be watched to look for clues in Lost?

  1. I would suggest:

    1)The Stand- the producers have hinted that they basicly took the Stand and put it on an island.

    2)Star Trek The Next Generation episode “Cause and Effect” for its treatment of time loops.

    3)Star Trek Voyager series finale “Endgame” which is a good example of events having to play out the wrong way before they play out the way they’re supposed to.

    4)Deja Vu- an interesting take on time travel.

    5)The Prisoner- this British series has a lot of paralells to Lost.

    6)Forbidden Planet- for the monster.

    7)Doctor Who episode “Father’s Day”- the use of sacrafice to resolve the events in this episode may be used in Season 6 of Lost.

    8)The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – for its use of the number 42 (the Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything). Also it’s good at showing how an ordinary individual is changed by extraordinary circumstances. I highly recommend the BBC version over the movie version.

  2. I always wondered what the explanation was for Denzel Washington still being alive at the end of Deja Vu. It must be when he changed events he jumped over to an alternate timeline where two of him existed.

    I love the Hitchhiker series but did not like the movie. So people should read it not watch it.

    I know the producers have said they based the show on The Stand but good and evil were much more clear in that book. I would say that when the nuclear bomb went off it seemed to reset time for Randall Flag at least. Again people should read it not watch it.

  3. The Stand.
    With the science fiction and time travel stuff, I believe the writers wanted to create something unique and mostly original.
    I don’t believe much can be gained from watching any of the time travel or time loop stuff. I don’t think we are gonna get any time loop in this show.
    The reason Denzel is still alive at the end of Deja Vu is because it was at a time the character was still alive. There is only one time line, but it is changeable.

  4. stargate sg1.. there was one episode where jack and teal’c keep re-living the same day . its called “window of opportunity” (season 4 ep 6)..its pretty good episode,its a pretty good episode, not really to with anything happening with lost, but i love it and had to mention it..

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