has locke always been jacobs nemisis??

hey guys, just a thought, could locke have always been jacobs nemisis? when 815 crashed he could walk again, the first few episodes of season 1 he didnt do very much. he just seemed to be sitting around and taking things in, maybe getting used to his new form? a signifficant moment for me is when he was sitting with walt explaining the game of backgammon. he said something like- theres two sides, one is light, one is dark and that its the oldest game in the world? then he told walt a secret. maybe locke has always been jacobs nemisis and began to manipulate our losties into following ond believing whatever he says and does? but along the way his plan went wrong and our losties ended up split into two groups as such? its funny though as locke has always been a strong character with some interesting and srong beliefs. hes really good at almost anything. this is just a thought, theres some things that have happend that are for, and also against this theory. im just thinking out loud really, lol. what do you think?? eko rocks

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7 thoughts on “has locke always been jacobs nemisis??

  1. Hi Eko rocks. I have recently been watching episodes from the season one that I missed the first time around. I was also struck by how important Locke was and how much detail they gave to his back story. Afterwards I found it hard to believe that they would kill off the real Locke. Also, before Boone dies he walks around with the same kind of confidence and attunement to the island as he does as the resurrected Locke. So I also started to think that maybe he is a kind of incarnation of Jacobs nemesis and just didn’t realize it until he died and was resurrected. Like how the Buhhdists identify the incarnation of the Dahli Lama in a child, or the Hindu’s talk about different incarnations of Krishna.

    Also, while I have not been in the Jacob is Good and nemesis is evil camp, I did think it was significant that his bio mother told him he was immaculately conceived. She later said that she lied to get money from his father but maybe their is some grain of truth to this. His father certainly is the embodiment of all things bad. So could he be the son of the Devil or God of the underworld?

  2. thanks ishkabible, you could probably go on and on about locke really could`nt you? i could have wrote more in my post but it probably would have went on and on, haha. hes a really interesting and misterious character. cant wait to see what lockes gona get upto in next season? eko rocks

  3. I had the same question, eko rocks. It would explain alot of things – why Lock could walk, why he was so connected to the island, and how he know what to do in the ‘sweat tent’ to ‘talk’ to the island.

    Can’t wait for Season 6!

  4. Eko Rocks this thought occurred to me also but there are a few things that made me not develope it. The problems I have are Locke’s reaction to seeing his father on the Island. The other is that to me Locke is a person who is actually easily manipulated (not just by Ben), I don’t see him as a particulary strong person ( at least in the will department).

  5. OK, im am flip flopping on this subject, and heres my reasoning(s)…

    It makes sense for the reasons you stated in your theory…no doubt.

    I find it hard to believe that at some point the thought didnt run through all of us theorists minds, even if it was just in the process of making sure it doesnt work, as I and Achalli have apparently done.

    But then as A stated, Locke is way to easily manipulated…but as I read his/her statement, I thought about something.

    The basis of the show has had to do with cons and manipulation.
    What if it was ANti-Locke conning everyone the entire time to get back to the place we are in now at the finale?
    Jacob did it to get the Losties there, why not MIB do it after they arrive if possible?

    Then I think about all the scenes where Locke breaks down and actually comes to tears with the obstructions in his path…

    But that cant help but make me think about one line…”Everything else is just progress…”

    IF this is true, and it was Anti-Locke the entire time, then it would be very…crafty if all the the things that causes Locke to shout…”This isnt supposed to happen!!!”, was nothing more than the progress jacob spoke of…

    …but then I realize that there are two Lockes most likey meaning that MIB could only take the physical FORM of Locke after he was dead…and he is not MIB the entire time…

    That, and I would like to believe that Locke is actually on the “good guys” side…if one truly exists.
    As i said…I thought this over, as many of us have, and am glad that although I dont believe he is….thank you for bringing it to questioning…

  6. I don’t know which side of this theory I fall on, but it did make me think of something I hadn’t yet – the striking similarity between the ways Anthony Cooper and Jacob were killed. Locke could not kill Cooper, so he found someone he knew he could manipulate into doing it for him (Sawyer). This was mirrored perfectly by the way Anti-Locke couldn’t kill Jacob himself and thus manipulated Ben into doing it for him. This may not add to the theory one way or the other, but thanks for helping me put it together!

  7. I’m re-watching season one and the same thought occurred to me. from the beginning, Locke knew more. He was more in tune, special, connected. Although he goes through moments of true humanity, shows despair and weakness, there are times when he really does seem superhuman. And certainly different from everyone else.

    Why? I don’t know. Locke is, and always has been, the biggest enigma on the show to me.

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