what’s coming next?

Hi, i’ve been reading for a long time now, peoples theories and suggestions as to whats going on/going to happen in lost, and figured it was about time i put my thoughts down. I’ve no new big ideas just bits and pieces i’ve picked up off other people and myself and put together to create what i think is waiting for us in season 6. Sorry if I bore some of you.

Cutting straight to the chase, I think the start of the next season will begin with julliet hitting the h-bomb(as s.5 ended i know, soz). By doing so she will bring back the ‘losties'(jack, kate, sawyer, jin, hurley and sayid-i think thats em all) to 2007, the present time for the rest of them.

I believe this because, as jacob is being killed by ben he says to locke/MIB that ‘they are coming’. At first watch i thought this was jus reference to iilana and her lot but now i think he meant our ‘heroes'(maybe thats why he touched them all?). It has become pretty clear now that lost is a game, a game between light and dark. I think this is another move for the ‘light’ side.

I should just now fill you in on my opinion of jacob and MIB. I dont think neither is ‘good’ or ‘bad’. Just one (jacob) has a lighter view on humanity. One that believes in its kindness an goodness, which will eventually prevail, and one which sees the darkness of humanity, greed and destruction.If, as some have thought that the MIB was evil, then why would he have beeen upset at the sight of the black rock.

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3 thoughts on “what’s coming next?

  1. Nicely done. I just wonder if our losties don’t somehow end up in 1992 before going to 2007. Either way, I think some very important stuff happened about 1992 with Dharma and on the island. We have to get more stories about the Dharma purge, Annie, Radzinsky, Kelvin, Ben and maybe the Frozen Donkey Wheel. I mean Ben knew how to use the Frozen Donkey Wheel, so he must learn how to use it at some point. Hopefully we get that.

  2. as i have mentioned on another topic..
    any reason why rose and bernard would not have gone to the future/present with jack kate etc?
    but otherwise, good theory

  3. I hope they don’t try to rush season 6 to much (like season 4). I wish there were more seasons because I want the story fully explained. I saw an interview yesterday with Matthew Fox and he said “People are gonna freak out when they see how season 6 starts”. And like with each season of lost, every season has had its own style. So I think season 6 will maybe start back in ye olde days with Jacob and MIB. Or very far into the future showing god knows what. I think they are gonna keep us guessing about the incident and its out come for a few episodes. Cant wait!

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