Health on the island

1. Ben tells Juliette that nobody on the island gets cancer.

2. All pregnant women die within their 2nd trimester.

3. Ben gets Jacob to cure Juliette’s sister’s cancer.

4. Ben gets cancer.

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4 thoughts on “Health on the island

  1. ben says no one on the island gets cancer, thats why rose had hers healed. the island is a healing place, but to the right people i think… anyone who died on the island stays dead, but illnesses etc either dont happen or are cured quicker than in the outside world.
    ben got cancer because no one can get cancer.. he was being punished, and, as no-one ever got it before, there had never been anyone on the island who could help to get rid of it (until jack drops in of course).
    mikhail was never dead… so when hurley/charlie says “didnt we already kill you”, it was only cause they saw him go through the sound barrier (i dont know what its called) and saw him convulse he was only faking it cos he had ear plugs in ( i figure this, because ethan’s mum had them in when she “disabled it”).
    the only thing that is bad, is that pregnant women die.. but that may (or may not) be due to the statue.. everything else is either getting healthier, or being punished..

  2. I don’t know Ben was being punished. He always did what was right just for the island except wrt Alex, and for that he was judged.

    Perhaps his cancer was related to Jack coming to the island and fixing Ben once so he wasn’t gonna’ fix him as a kid so he went to the Others get well, but changed and always one of them.

  3. I’m not sure actually that Ben got the cancer because he was punished. Maybe he got it because Jacob had to put it somewhere after he took it out of Juliette…

    In terms of physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction so perhaps for every island cure there is an off-island consequence?

  4. mrssawyer.. the action/re-action sounds like a good theory.. and i actually do agree that either ben had cancer so that jack would save him (because he had to) or i could have been it had to go somewhere after it being taken out of juliette’s sister (or even rose?).

    maybe, ben got cancer so jack could save him because jack didn’t save him when ben was younger or, if ben didnt have cancer, jack wouldnt need to save him, but would that make jack not want to save young ben in the past, or would he save him and then things turn out different?

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