Richard’s comment.?

I have been gone awhile but I was wondering about what R.A. said to Sun when asked if he knew what happened to the other Losties. He says he watched all of them die, or something along those lines.

If they all die in ’77 in the H-bomb explosion then how does R.A. see that cause he is there but def not around. now that i think more about this there are alot of holes here. Cause we see Chang injure his hand an he lives on to make more orientation films with the hurt hand or that warning im not to sure but he lives.

An Widmore an all of the others live through that explosion also cause we see them in the future unless they all die but that cant be it. an Radzinsky an others live so im now confused. help would be nice.

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  1. I guess it’s something that will happen in the next season, as far as I know Vincent is the only one who survives out of the oceanic crew.

  2. Hi Bing, you are right about Richard’s statements, in terms of him saying that he watched them all die.

    I think there is information to come on that aspect of the story. I am not sure Richard was referring to ‘the incident’, or to 1977.

    I have every faith that the writers will answer this in the future, as it’s too important to ignore.

  3. i have considered this too.. its been mentioned before about maybe the losties will have flashed forward, but not to sun and richard’s time.. but sometime before it. the only thing i can think of that maybe they would have died from is either they flashed into the time just before the purge, when all the dharma crew were gassed and they were caught up in the middle, as richard definately witnessed that, but then i figured this might not make sense,as i’m sure radzinsky would not have let them re-join the dharma (supposed it depends on who is in charge there at that point).
    the only other thing that i can think of, is either they flashed back further in time, maybe to a time richard came to the island? or flashed back to regular time, but just before locke and sun etc “landed” back on the island, and something happened then.. might explain the presence of the boats on the beach in sun’s time…

    OR (and i cant remember what else i was actually gona write here so here’s a new theory) they may have flashed to some point in time, and maybe ended up like charlotte… and died from that. it could make sense that they could have tried to find some way to stop it happening, and maybe (i dunno) kate and jack ended up sat in the caves waiting to die ( i know its been said it is more than likey rose and bernard, but i cant remember if jack put those stones back, and if he still has them…well, could be like the compass).

  4. Yeah i saw a theory on the site about them MAYBE moving to another time before they get back to their desired time which im sure is 2007?? (right??)

    Anyways it makes sense this would happen but R.A. knows all about the losties because of John going back in time to the 50’s. So having R.A. watch them die an not know who they are is kind of unlikely but who knows?

    Pierre does make another film after the “incident” an he seems to know whats going on an seems fine besides the injured hand.

  5. Also i understand that if that bombs blows up that they will just land in LAX meaning that would Def need to die in 1977 for this to happen but ok….the bomb goes off an BIG BOOM right?? obviously but that means they would die right away an I think anyone else on the island would die then or eventually die off soon.

    The thing is no one does die like Charles Widmore or Ellie an her son Daniel an of course R.A. an all the Others are stiil there with no real effect besides the infertility but i dont think its due to the H-Bomb an more caused of the time/space issue.

  6. Yeah its a time space issue. Anyone remember why they brought julliette to the island? She looked at the exrays of the children and she said it looked like they were 80 years old. Or maybe it was the mothers. either way they shouldn’t have been that old ya know?

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