christian vs. locke– the big difference

While rewatching the season 1 episode “White Rabbit”, I realized that there is one MAJOR difference between the “reincarnated” Locke and the “reincarnated” Christian. And that, obviously, is that Christians body was gone while Locke’s body was with the Ajira crew. This would lead me to believe that Christian is real, reanimated; while Locke is just an illusion, a copy of a corpse. But I can’t really wrap my mind around it.

So how about it guys? What happened to Locke and Christian? How are they different? How are they the same? Why the crucial difference? Are they working together? Are they on opposite sides? What is the true nature of reincarnation on the island????

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10 thoughts on “christian vs. locke– the big difference

  1. Ok so some similarities.

    Christian and locke upon arrival from being dead on the airplane are both wearing what they had on in the plane. Down to the stupid shoes jack put on his father.

    They both know things about their past and stuff.

    They are both enlightened in some sense.


    UMmmmMMMMmmmm Other than Christians body is gone from the coffin? Which is totally explainable. His body was traveling in a crashing plane at somewhere near 400 miles an hour, something like that right? His body could of flown out of the coffin at any point.

  2. mrslinus700, great question! We all thought that Locke was resurrected, but this turned out to be false. Jacob’s friend was posing as Locke.

    As for Christian, I do see some subtle differences. He seems to be more of a ‘corporeal’ entity who I believe is working on behalf of ‘the island’, or the other team. At least at this point, that is what I think.

    It’s a bit of a tangled web, because we have to go back and determine all of the happenings in order to figure out, what actions were serving what purpose, and to whose overall benefit.

    Nice thoughts!

  3. The biggest difference that is most confusing to me is that we have seen UnLocke eat a mango, a physical act.

    We haven’t seen the island version of Christian do anything close. In fact, when Locke asks him for help after severely breaking his leg, Christian declines. Almost as if he is incapable.

  4. As the points raised being a copy or not being a copy I saw a clip of the pilot episode when Jack was running through the jungle and a white shoe/trainer was hanging in the bamboo?? its clearly shown on purpose.

    heres the clip you can see christian wearing both shoes at the begining. So IS he a copy or not

  5. Very true, and thank you everyone for the thoughts!

    In rewatching season 1 it struck me how Locke was always kind of “off” and oddly omniscient. AND he was touched by Jacob in the finale, something which I think will prove very important in the upcoming season. It’s obvious that Locke, REAL Locke is crucial to the story. I don’t think that they would have killed him off so quickly if he was really gone.

    I got the same feeling about Christian. When he is telling Jack about sacrifice and destiny, it really got me thinking. Christian knew more than was immediately apparent. And there was more to Christian–real living, predeath Christian than meets the eye.
    Both Locke and Christian were always “special” guys– even before they seemingly came back from the dead.

    So is the “resurrected” Locke really Locke? Or a copy of Locke? And same question for Christian. I think that that is the big question. Are these apparitions related to their earthly selves or completely unrelated servants of some higher power.

    p.s. @ surago636 I got the sense that the writers were making a point to show that Christians body was NOT in his coffin. When Jack finds the coffin it is intact and closed, but there is no body. at the end of season 5, they made it a very big point to show Locke’s body, seperate from his “living” self. This seems deliberate to me, but I could be totally wrong. Thanks for your feedback!

  6. DO they remember things from their past? Locke just kept saying cagy things like “What do YOU think?” ‘Christian’ acts to move his plan forward and may know things about Christian … but is there evidence either actually remembers anything of their past?

    Think they are Ying/Yang-ish. ‘Christian’ may be Jacob …

  7. waycurious – (Anti)Locke definitely remembers being killed by Ben after leaving the island. He also remembers getting shot in the leg and limping to the Nigerian herion plane, before leaving (and moving) the island – which of course allows him to get Richard to remove the bullet, clean the wound and tell him he’s going to have to die.

    As for Christian, I can’t recall whether he remebers anything from his past, other than Jack – “Say hello to my son” [white-flash].

  8. yeah I’ve started re-watching from the beginning with this (and other) questions in mind. 4815162342 got all of the things that I remembered (as well as a few that I didn’t…I forgot abut anti-Locke and the heroin plane), but I’m hoping that there are a few things I missed the first time around. The one thing I have noticed so far is that pre-death Christian is a lot more eerie and portentous than I remembered.

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