Its all about the EGYPTIANS!! Please help….

I have no more than 2000 words! Please help with this theory. I believe that all the answers to lost are here:

In the Season 1 DVD extras in an interview Damon Lindelof said that he and J.J Abrams hit it off and they had the mythology of lost created in a day or two. In order for 2 people to “hit it off” so quickly they had to be excited about the same subject. After research, comic books is a massive interest point for both of them. Lost is based on Egyptian Marvel Comics, all the detail is in the marvel link above. Please help me with this and keep on following the info about the various Gods / Characters & Tribes. Based on info in this link:

The island: The island is an Egyptian “pocket dimension” adjacent to Earth which is called “Celestial Heliopolis” – a number of Egyptian Gods have access to this pocket dimension and the Gods have lots of different powers i.e. like Anubis (the smoke monster) who judges hearts before they pass into the afterlife. This place is a portal to “Anubis’ Palace of Death and Rebirth” – Here Anubis’ power is supreme. With minimal effort, he was able to separate the souls and bodies from powerful beings. This explains why Jacob is so powerful and the smoke monster reigns supreme and judges everyone. If you think of the start of the Season 5 finale where we saw the big statue (confirmed as the goddess of fertility) and the conversation between Jacob and the bearded man on the beach, this makes sense if you read through the info in the link at the top of this theory, as in Celestial Heliopolis there are a number of Egyptian Gods which are fighting for control of this dimension. The bearded man ended with “Do you know how much I want to kill you right now?” This is because this war is waging between the Eqyptian Gods in this dimension. PLEASE HELP ADD TO THIS AND READ MORE IN THE LINK!

The Others: Richard and Ethan never seem to age, no matter which period in time they come up in. The Others are an egyptian tribe which is ageless and are under the control of one of the Egyptian Gods. Ive read info on a tribe which doesn’t age and sits in the realm of Celestial Hetropolis.

Flight 815 survivors: We know they are all related somehow to each other. They are direct descendants of Egyptian Gods, in the year 2008. This would explain why they all have certain powers of their own i.e. Charlie and music, Jack and “fixing people”, Locke and hunting, Sayid and electronics etc. Each Egyptian God has elements of this, and again going back to the beach conversation between Jacob and the bearded man, when they saw a ship in the distance, they argued about humans. The bearded man (I believe he is Mindstar – Anubis’s enemy) questioned why Jacob was bringing humans here because they are only destructive and Jacob disagreed. This is a typical Egyptian God type argument. I believe that they have brought back their direct descendants to hold the “ultimate war” to prove which Egyptian God is correct. They needed their direct descendants in order to truly settle what humans are like and for each Egyptian god to harness their powers through their descendants. AGAIN PLEASE ADD TO THIS AND READ INFO IN THE TOP OF THE PAGE LINK!!

Time Travel: The island can travel through time within its own pocket dimension because of the magnetic field around it. This means that although the island shifts through time in the pocket dimension, if the people got on the submarine they would come back to the present. The “energy” underneath the island is an Egyptian Gods energy which the Dharma people think will make us be able to time travel. We can’t harness this energy. This can only be harnessed within the pocket dimension. So, in summary, the island travels through time in its own pocket dimension and not our dimension, which is why in Season 5 it can keep moving through time.

Other thoughts: Jacob is Anubis. This would explain why he was on a spinning wheel weaving. The smoke monster is his power – he controls it. Anubis is the god of death and is responsible for jusging and is the god of EMBALMING. Jacob was weaving because he needs materials to embalm people. Children cannot be born on the island in this dimension as Anubis’s power is supreme and he is the Egyptian God of Death. His power is supreme.

Walt is “special” as he can harness his ancestors egyptian powers much better than the others. This would explain why “The Others” – an ancient Egyptian tribe – described him as special and were reluctant to let him go, as they could see he harnessed these Egyptian powers really well.

The numbers are co-ordinates to the pocket dimension. Hurley won the lottery with these numbers as they contain amazing power in our dimension as they serve as a gateway to Cental Heliopolis, Anubis’s realm. This explains why so many bad things happened to Hurley when he spent the money. That money contained Anubis’s power in our dimension.

Some Egyptian Gods can harness their powers in peoples dreams. There have been many instances throughout the series of lost where people have had dreams, followed them when they have woken up and something has been acheived. The Egyptian Gods plant these dreams to attempt to win the war of the Egyptian Gods in Central Heliopolis by controlling the survivors of 815.

Please, please, please help in going through the information on this website:
If you see anything that I don’t then please submit a new theory with a theory subject topic that starts with “Its all about the Egyptians”
One final thing based upon all the info, when the hydrogen bomb goes off at the end of Season 5, they will not forget everything. The Egyptian Gods control everything in that pocket dimension so all of OUR time travel theories do not apply. The writers are throwing loads of time travel info to us so we miss the point. It is all about this, im sure………Enjoy


– One more thing as well, after watching a season one episode with this theory in mind – Michael and Walt were arguing and Michael threw Walts comic book into the fire. As the fire is burning the comic book it showed a polar bear on the page of the comic book which was burning. Next scene Walt is being attacked by a polar bear. After Walt got angry about Michael throwing the comic book into the fire – Walts angry energy projected the image of the polar bear attacking him through one of the Egyptian Gods powers.

– This would, also, explain why Claires baby was born, if she was a direct descendant of this goddess, then she would harness the goddesses power more on the island. One more addition – when the sky kept lighting up in season 5 and they kept on moving through time in this pocket hole to different areas of the islands history – this is because direct descendants of the egyptian gods (i.e. Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley) left the island so one Egyptians gods power was stronger than Anubis’s because that Gods descendants were on the island, so that Egyptian Gods (I beleive the god of chaos) power is stronger and they kept on throwing Locke, Juliet, Sawyer etc. through time. I believe the bearded man is Mindstar and the “loophole” that he was referring to is the fact that someone already dead i.e. Locke was allowed into the dimension which Anubis, God of Death, controls, this goes against the rules and which is why he can take on Lockes form. The egyptian gods can change form / shape as long as they adhere to the rules of that dimension

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  1. kingchris1983, I really enjoyed reading this! I had never considered an Egyptian angle though, so this is quite refreshing.

    You are correct about the writers being huge comic book enthusiasts. I am sure they have incorporated elements of their personal tastes and likes into the story line.

    I know the ‘comic book’ aspect has been delved into a long time ago. I read a really good theory regarding Walt and the comic book he was reading.

    Nice work and an enjoyable read!

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