Smokey/MIB(Man in Black)/Apparitions/Christian

Okay, this last LOST Season finale has left me very confused. After a couple days everyone came to the conclusion that Smokey is the MIB and that Smokey had taken the forms of everyone on the island including Christian Shepard. Also the MIB is the fake John Locke or Flocke.

When everyone came to this conclusion, everyone basically agreed. I agreed at first with everyone, but then somethings didn’t make sense. First, people say that in “Dead is Dead” when..

Flocke Left—>Smokey entered——>Smokey left—->Alex entered—->Alex Left—->Flocke returned.

Now, people say Flocke left b/c Smokey can only take forms of one person at a time. This is not true if you believe that Smokey/MIB is everyone dead that comes back alive b/c if Ecko faced many apparitions of the dead people he killed in the church at the same time.

People say that Christian is the MIB because he was dead and is now on the Island walking around.Flocke is walking around too. There are many differences between Flocke and Christian. The first one is that Flocke is fully alive; he seems fully human. Christian Shepard is much more ghostly and appears in different places at a time. Another difference is that John Locke’s body was in the coffin, and Christian’s body is GONE.

so yeah there are some differences

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6 thoughts on “Smokey/MIB(Man in Black)/Apparitions/Christian

  1. Completely agree, plus, Christian has appeared off the island and a number of people who aren’t dead have appeared (mentioned in a question earlier – boone’s hallucination

  2. everisto94, I also agree that there is no correlation between the smoke monster, and some of the characters being mentioned. I view the smoke monster as a separate entity, that may not be aligned with either force.

    The smoke monster kills, but has never killed an ‘other’, to our knowledge. I think that would eliminate some of the candidates, said to be linked with.

    It is clear, that John Locke was being manipulated by another force, and I also think the same could be said about Ben!

    We still don’t have enough information to know where Ms. Hawking and Charles Widmore fit into the overall picture, either. I feel they do and will have some significance to the light vs dark issues.

    Great thoughts!

  3. i agree that there are obvious differences between Flocke and Christian, as well as similarities. Are the differences signifgent enough to lead me to believe that they are totally separate and unrelated entities? Well yes…maybe. We haven’t seen enough really of Flocke or reanimated Christian to see how similar/different they were to their originals. Locke is obviously different….but why Locke. And why did Ben kill him in the first place if he didn’t know what was going to happen? Why was Christians body gone?

    Sometimes I feel like none of our questions have been answered, they’ve just become more complicated

  4. you

    hey there, you have brought up some very interesting questions. yes there is differences between imposter christian and imposter locke. and im now thinking that they arent the same thing (whatever that maybe). one thing that ive been thinking a lot about lately is claire. the last time we saw her she seemed imposterish (not her normal self). i havnt got a clue to what these imposter people really are? but im very very looking forward to season 6. eko rocks

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