The Incident, the Cerberus System, and Cerberus.

While looking over the blast door map recently I noticed a few things that led me to develope a different take on the incedent and the Swan station. first I would like to mention that I believe that what we sawin the Season 6 episode “The Incedent” is not the same incedent that led to the sealing off of sections of the Swan and the implementaion of the 108 protocol.

As I was looking over the map I noticed something about the notations for Cerberus (the name the mapmakers used for the Smoke Monster). Cerberus is mentioned a lot on the map but there is a notation that is different from the other notations. In the area of the map concerning what may have happened to the Staff there is a referance to a possible malfunction of the Cerberus System. This is the only place on the map where the words ‘cerberus’ and ‘system’ are used together. Every other note about Cerberus just uses the word ‘cerberus.’ Now we all know that the Smoke Monster has been refered to as a security system several times so it would be logical to assume that ‘cerberus system’ was just refering to the Smoke Monster. Well I got to thinking to myself “why would the mapmakers refer to a cerberus system on only one part of the map and just cerberus everywhere else?” My answer, the Cerberus System is the defensive measures (such as the sonic barrier) that DHARMA uses for the Smoke Monster (Cerberus).

Now on the section of the map where the Swan is there are two notations to consider. The first is the revernce to CV II being inactive after the accident. The second is the note about the escape conduits being blocked after the incedent. I believe that these two notes go together.

So this leads me to a possible scenario for the incedent that led to the implementation of the 108 protocol. The completion of the Swan and begining of the experiments on the E/M pocket draws the attention of the Smoke Monster. For some reason the normal defences in place to keep Smokey away from the DHARMA stations fails. Seeing a chance to investigate the Swan the Smoke Monster enters via vent near the Swan and uses the underground tunnels to actually get in. Who ever was manning the Swan would of course be terrified of the Smoke Monster and try to fend it off by utilizing the E/M pocket somehow. The fight with Smokey results in widespread damage to the Swan but DHARMA does manage to fend off Smokey. DHARMA then realizes that they actually made things worse and have to seal off part of the Swan and implement a protocol to deal with the E/M pocket. In the process of sealing off part of the Swan they decide to seal off all underground access in order to keep the Smoke Monster out.

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13 thoughts on “The Incident, the Cerberus System, and Cerberus.

  1. Achalli, I cannot tell you how much time I spent pouring over this map! I made the same notations as you have, but the meant very little back then.

    Since that time, we have learned that Dharma built all of the ‘stations’ on the land, belonging to ‘the others’. If you recall, Ben summoned the smoke monster, from Horace’s former abode in Otherville. Coincidentally, that happened to be from a drain, underground in ‘the temple’.

    For the most part, I think this is where it dwells. I had wondered if, something occurred with the smoke monster, and this was part of what caused some of the problems. The smoke monster could have gone awry, interacting with all of that electromagnetic energy. It would seem, that somebody was attempting to isolate the smoke monster, and block off it’s access.

    The map indicates the different CV ‘incidents’, so I am curious to know if the smoke monster ever killed any Dharma people. I have mentioned previously that it would appear that the smoke monster has only attacked anyone who is NOT an ‘other’. I find that also curious, and would indicate their is quite likely only one smoke monster.

    I can’t wait to hear what other people think about this.

    Great theory!

  2. PS: One more thought, Achalli. I recall on the map I found, (I enlarged it to my screen), that it made mention in these ‘incidents’ of the death toll.

    In some cases it was in excess of 100 people! I didn’t know whether this was something the writers had abandoned, or, there is a clue hidden somewhere.

    Love to hear your thoughts on that one!

  3. Dabs, this theory grew from two ideas I was musing about. The first was that the incedent we saw in the finale was not the same incedent that led to the 108 protocol. The second was I was wondering what would happen if the Smoke Monster had gotten into a Dharma Station; the Swan seemed the most logical choice. I believe there is a notation about the Swan being near the nexus of Cerberus activity.

    The Blast Door map I have been using as a reference is the one that was published in Lost Magazine. I don’t recall seeing death tolls listed on it. I do realize that there are several versions available, if you can send me a link to a better version it would be greatly appreciated.

    Now to the undeground tunnels. I’ve been wondering lately what good it was to build a sonic fence around Dharma/Otherville since the Smoke Monster and the Others have access to a network of underground tunnels.

    I have also wondered how Dharma was able to build so much on the Island without attracting the attention of the Smoke Monster. As to its attacking anyone not an Other would you say that Smokey was going after Kate when she was cuffed to Juliet or Smokey was going after Juliet because she was going to betray Ben?

  4. Hi Achalli, the link I blew up and printed out, was the bottom picture on Lostpedia. You do need to enlarge it, though to read it. My copy and my memory, (lol) is long since faded, so I can’t be of more help, unfortunately.

    I believe Dharma had to have a good reason for building the sonic fence. The smoke monster can appear anywhere on ‘the island’, as we have witnessed, but it cannot go over/under the sonic fence. I believe this was a safety measure so Dharma could live safely.

    I agree that the 108 protocol and the ‘incidents’ are different.

    I am not sure about the whole Kate/Juliette scene, but it would appear that the smoke monster could have been scanning both of them.

    The only thing I have noticed is, that the smoke monster to our knowledge, has never killed an ‘other’.

  5. Thanks Dabs, I’ll get back to you on what I find after I look it over. I noticed a couple of things that may relate to the Season 5 finale so I’m going to rewatch that.

  6. Did we ever see the smoke monster in ’77? They may have released him by drilling to far where the Swan now sits, maybe that could be the reason there is more Cerebrus activity there.

  7. Angus I don’t believe we have seen it in ’77 but I think the common assumption is that Smokey has been on the Island for a long time. I agree that the drilling at the Swan site may have attracted Smokey.

  8. On the map is the ? supposed to be the orchid because if it is wouldn’t radinskey no this and also the tunnels with the Xs at the end of them all pointing to the ? Are these doors or blocked off underground tunnels that lead to the ? Just wondering what you made of them on the map

  9. Achalli, if you hadn’t had time to view the Blast Door Map, it says 5 deaths in one of the CV’s.

    I am wondering if that might be in reference to what we saw in the season finale. Let me know what you think.

  10. Dabs that is exactly what I was thinking. I haven’t had a chance to rewatch the finale yet to see if there is a positive connection. The other thing that I noticed was one of the latin translations on the left side of the map. One of them translates as “I think therefore I am depressed.” It seems to be a reference to The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Marvin the Paranoid Android actually says that in one passage.

    Samson, the ‘?’ is where the Pearl is. I believe that the ‘X’s on the map are the same blocked tunnels that Sayid found under the Swan. Radsinski is the one who started the map but not nescacarily the one who put the ‘?’ on it.

  11. just some thoughts…

    remember when the others put Juliette on trial for wanting ben dead and then ‘brand’ or mark her? I always thought that mark was the reason her and kate got attacked by smokey. – just a guess tho, like maybe ben summoned it the minute they knocked everyone out with tear gas and left to get even with Juliette.

  12. Holdem Caulfield i would agree that the mark may have something to do with it. On the old LT site I once posted a theory that part of the Smoke Monster’s job as the Island’s security system was to keep strong willed people from leaving the Island. At the time I was thinking that Smokey would attack people that had strong wills, a strong desire to leave the Island; which Juliet had, or demonstrated an abillity to be a strong leader.

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