The Walkabout – Locke and Smokie

This has probably been brought up previously but would be interesting to discuss in the new light of season 5. Theres a scene where theyre hunting boar and locke goes off on his own, he’s confronted by Smokie and returns seemingly unscathed.

Could an alliance have been formed this early or could smokey be appearing as Locke this early on, he mentions later in the episode that h looked into the eye of the island and it was beautiful and he also turns up to save jack pretty miraculously after jack is chasing Christian, seems pretty suspicious ??

i’m pretty sure theres another meeting of the two later that will disprove my thoughts but it seems that this scene must be pretty key, wonder if we’ll see what actually happened come season 6

any thoughts?

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2 thoughts on “The Walkabout – Locke and Smokie

  1. After Locke sees Smokie for the first time, he returns to camp dragging a boar. And when Fake Locke first enters the Others camp, he arrives carrying a boar.

    So yeah, I think there may be something behind what you are saying.

    It could be suggesting that Smokie killed the boar and offered it to Locke, and that Fake Locke is “somehow connected” to Smokie. Please note that I say, “somehow connected” because I’m not really behind the whole Fake Locke is Smokie idea.

  2. yo fatandconfused. ive been thinking myself that locke could have always been smokie/mib.i posted a similar question mysef. after he looked into “the eye of the island” he then became very confident didnt he? if he isnt smokie/mib i believe something very special happend to him. maybe smokie/mib saw locke then as its potential loop hole? so gave him the knoledge and confidence of the island to work his way to the top and manipulate our losties and others to all follow him into going along with whatever he says and does? then locke dies and bingo for smokie/mib. locke is now leader of the others and can get access to jacob. he does so and kills him. so plan very well done and complete? or something like that anyway,haha. eko rocks

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