The light and dark side of things.

The following is a post I made on another thread that I wanted to post as a question for all:

Here’s a thought I had, what do you think?

Is there some connection or meaning behind the characters/figures used on the island by either Jacob/MIB/Smokey/The Island itself to influence the survivors/others etc and the color of the individual/objects skin, hair, fir, clothes?

Dark: Walt, Lemy, Alex, the smoke monster
Light: Christian, Claire, Ben’s mother, Vincent.

Do you think that the light side could be used by Jacob, or the good side of humanity and the dark side used be MIB or the dark side of humanity?

Which, or course, goes back to Locke’s lesson on Backgammon to Walt. And when thinking of season one, is there a meaning behind Jack, dark hair, dark suit and Locke, fair skinned, light clothes?

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One thought on “The light and dark side of things.

  1. DEStination, so glad you posted this, as I just left you a comment, saying that I am sure somebody might have some thoughts regarding this topic!

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