When Ben brings John Locke to “Jacob’s Cabin”

Didn’t see anyone post this so here it goes.

In season 3 episode 20, when Ben brings John Locke to Jacobs cabin. To Locke’s surprise, someone whispers “Help me” and then starts throwing things around the room. And a second after Ben Grabs the chair and says “you’ve had your fun” then gets pushed, you see a quick flash of someone.

Ok so i watched that part over and over then paused it right on the quick flash of the person throwing things and at first it looked like a man with long hair. But as I stared at it, I realized it was a bald man with a hood on his head. Looks like John Locke…

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5 thoughts on “When Ben brings John Locke to “Jacob’s Cabin”

  1. There are many who thought it looked like Locke from the beginning. With the hood, it kinda ties in to MIB and this year. We’ll see on this.

  2. Big questions:

    1) Was MIB held there?
    2) Who told Ben it was Jacob’s cabin when he lived in the shadow of the statue?
    3) Did Ben know he was playing both sides?

  3. @ waycurious: I have no idea about your first two questions, though I really hope somebody else does because they’re great questions! However, for the third, I would say no. I don’t think Ben had any idea that he was playing both sides. I think that this passed season, the writers made it a point to switch Ben from the master manipulator to THE major manipulated one (the mortal who was “tricked” into killing Jacob).

    I think the purpose of this is to show the “layers” of power on the island. The others, and Ben as their leader, might have power in and of themselves, but not in relation to the greater island powers. I think Ben has being conned for a while regarding JAcob. So the big question becomes, as you posed, WHO has been manipulating him all this time? and why?

  4. I just though about something – there’s been a lot of questions as to where Nemesis(I like that name) went when Ben summoned Cerberus – and then suddenly came out of the jungle. Well, as we see when Nemesis, Richard and Ben makes ther “arrend” tha flashes are indeed ocurring, only we can’t see them. I think Nemesis was perhaps the one himself who disturbed the ring of ash around “Jacob’s” cabin – and left the message/knife on the wall – clearly pointing to Jacobs real whereabout. If he was able to jump with the flashes or use them somehow – he might have been the face we heard cry Help Me.. On a different note, as for Nemesis pointing to Jacob – I think he wants evrybody to know the truth – he has some kind of big reveal that he wants everyone to see. That’s why he wanted to bring all the others along. And when Jacob says with his dying words “They’re coming” I don’t think he meant Ilana – Nemesis is ecspecting her – Jacob meant the Losties. Now that we’ve seen him interact with them – it’s clear he’s got plans for them(what I find most interesting is that they were visits to so different time periods) And btw – I four one am not convinced that Jacob is neccesarily the “Good” guy… if there relly is such apure thing on Lost.. What do you think?

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