what was that about?

just watching “the house of the rising sun”again (season 1) and im at the bit where jack, kate, charlie and locke are in the cave, and they’ve just found adam and eve.
charlie says “bloody hell, are these the people that were here before us” and jack and kate look a bit shifty (as though they weren’t planning on telling locke).. charlie catches jack’s eye and says “uh..just, there could have been people here before us”.. i dont quite understand why charlie suddenly, changed what he was saying… it makes me think that they know a bit more about these people than we think..jack obviously can tell what sex they are, and charlie and kate look a bit shocked that one is a woman. but it’s annoying me about what charlie said.
obviously adam and eve where there before them if they are dead, so why the need to say “could have been?”grrr…

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2 thoughts on “what was that about?

  1. I believe Jack and Kate were just trying to be secretive because they wanted people to come to the caves as a viable living option. If it gets out that two skeletons were found, then maybe more people stay at the beach. Charlie just didn’t realize everything was so hush hush.

  2. Charlie changed what he said because Locke asked “What do you mean?” (or something along the lines of that). When that group of people hiked up the mountain to send out a signal for rescue they pick up the French Woman’s transmission. The fact that it’s still running gives the impression that there were people on the island before them and that those people were never rescued. That group decided not to tell the rest of the survivors because it would cause them to lose hope. If Charlie explained what he really meant that would be telling Locke what they heard…

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