rouseaus kid

So I just realized a way to maybe close the timeline in on when the statue gets destroyed. Depending on if thats what caused the infertility issue. Rouseau had her child in 1988 right? So the statue wasn’t possibly destryoed untill after this. So now we have 16 years til this would of happened. But we can close that more. We know Julliette came to the island 3 years before the 815 crash in 2004 because of the fertility problem. So now we have a 13 year gap. So what could of happened in 13 years that would of caused this problem?

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2 thoughts on “rouseaus kid

  1. Rousseau was pregnant when she came to the island. Juliette said she thinks it happens at the time of conception (Which is odd, since Sun had her baby OK. It always bugs me she abandoned her baby.)

  2. I was trying to pinpoint the statue distruction, but right after Sawyer, Juliet, etc. flashed to 1974, they didn’t show the statue again. Also we can’t be sure that the ship coming to the island at the beginning of the incident is the black rock, so its hard to pinpoint the destruction.
    There is a volcano on the island, so maybe that caused it. Maybe season 6 will open with what happens in 1977 and that causes it.
    As far as what causes the pregnancy issue, someone posted a comment saying that what Juliet did with the bomb causes it. That kind of irony would make perfect sense.

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