Which Richard Clips are these from?

I been downloading episodes so I can make a Richard Alpert music video. There are a couple clips I remember, but cant recall which season/episodes they are from. Can anyone help?

1) Richard comes out into the jungle with his hands up (i think kate and jack were there, not sure) they point their gun at him and he tells them to put down their weapons, they dont and are suddenly surrounded.

2) The scene where Ben asks Richard, “You do remember birthdays don’t you richard?” (Isn’t this the scene where Ben thinks richard has the tape recording of Juliet? — if not im looking for that one too.)

Thanks all! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Which Richard Clips are these from?

  1. 1) At the end of s04 ep 12, (Theres no place like home part 1) Its Kate and Sayid.

    2) The start of s03 ep 20 (The man behind the curtain) They do discuss the tape recording of juliet.

    Richard has always been one of the most secretive character on the show. I’d love to have a whole episode of season 6 dedicated to his back story!

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