Jacob’s death and the books

From the book “Watership down”. 1st season, Sawyer was reading it;

Long ago, the great Frith made the world.
He made all the stars…

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One thought on “Jacob’s death and the books

  1. ravengelus, thanks for bringing attention to some of the great books and authors that have been showcased.

    Watership Down is reminiscent of The Little Prince in some ways, as it is about a fox, and an island created from an asteroid. The writers referred to it, earlier this season.

    Now, the Brothers Karamazov has some tie-in to some of ‘the losties’, as it is about patricide.

    Ironic, that Ben was reading it, don’t you think? I wonder if it brought back any memories for him! lol

    Also, the author delves into many issues regarding faith, destiny, free will, etc., etc.

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