the kids

This isn’t about the kids that the others took (although if anyone sees how that ties in, go for it) but rather about the three children who have been a major part of the plot for some time now– Walt, Aaron, and Ji Yeon.

Walt (though no longer exactly a child) has been an important character from the very beginning. His powers were a big mystery of season one. We haven’t seen any real closure on this character. Also, his relationship with Locke was very interesting.

Aaron, the original. From one of the very first episodes, Aaron was a mystery. He was the reason Claire was on the island at all. And according to the psychic (who was obviously not a complete ripoff because he knew how to get Claire to the island) he COULD NOT be raised by another without drastic consequences. So where are those consequences? And WHAT is so special about Aaron?

Ji Yeon– Perhaps the greatest island miracle. The island might have cured Rose’s cancer and restored Locke’s ability to walk, but it gave Jin and Sun a child. This seems to be their overarching purpose for being on the island (and they were “Touched by Jacob”, which neither Aaron, Claire, or Walt was…important? Who knows.) Anyway Sun left her to go find Jin. Can her story be done, the adorable little island miracle? Hopefully she will be the savior of the long stale Jin/Sun story line.

So what do you guys think? Are these guys important? If so, why? Will they play role in Season
6? Why have they all been “abandoned” in some way, conciously left on the mainland (Walt by Locke, Aaron by Kate, and Ji-Yeon by Sun), and have all had a parent taken from them by the island. Perhaps most importantly, what makes these kids “special”.

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3 thoughts on “the kids

  1. hey there mrslinus700. i really really hope that we get all the lose ends tied up with walt and aaron. we have to dont we? walt hasnt been on the island for sometime now and yes i agree hes special. yet when you least expect it he pops up again doesnt he? theres always been a lot of interest with aaron. there was the psychic, then the others wanted him? its all classic lost though isnt it – a big old mystery, haha. as for ji yeon, in season 6 im hopeing she will be in it, if only as part of the reuniting of the kwoan family as jin hasnt met her at all yet. thats what im hoping, i will be dissapointed though if we dont get any answers on the walt/aaron storeys. fingers crossed we will. im well looking forward to season 6 though, cant wait. eko rocks

  2. Good questions…they lead me to something I’ve been wondering about for quite a while. When Walt visits Hurley at the mental hospital he tells him that Jeremy Bentham had come to see him, and that Bentham told him the Oceanic 6 had been lying. He then proceeded to ask Hurley why they were doing so. However, when we saw Locke/Bentham visit Walt, he didn’t say anything of the such. This leads me to believe that Walt’s story is definitely not complete. In fact, could it be that Walt received a second visit and that it wasn’t the real Locke/Bentham that visited him the second time?

  3. That would make sense arnst. Even though we haven’t seen the FakeLocke off the island it doesn’t mean he cannot go off the island. I think it’s also possible that Walt was manipulated by the MiB and is on the nonJacob side now.

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