So right after the season finale, I was NOT thinking that Juliet was dead. As far as I could see it, she has basically encountered the same phenomena that Desmond encountered after he turned the failsafe key and came out alive (albeit naked). At the very least I was thinking that her survival was up in the air. But it seems like everyone is taking it for granted that Juliet is dead!

Now this both saddens and confuses me, because I LOVED Juliet for one, and am dreading the new love triangle opportunities that her death opens up (is anyone else SICK of the love triangle bullshit by the way? I mean for the love of christ). But also, how does it make sense that this would kill her if Desmond survived? Is she for sure dead? Does anyone know? Or can I still hold out some hope?

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4 thoughts on “Juliet?

  1. I don’t think Juliet is dead.

    I was sick of the love triangle stuff pretty much immediately. It’s just a ploy to get some of the Gray’s Anatomy crowd to watch.

  2. She is not for sure dead. Either way, she will be a part of season 6.
    She has already shot the pilot for a new series, V. But since Lost doesn’t really start filming until October, I’m not sure there would be an all out conflict in shooting schedules for Lost and V. So Keep hope alive.

  3. We do not know that what Juliet has experienced is the same thing Desmond did. People have their ideas as to what turning the failsafe did, but nothing’s cannon. Also, we don’t really have a definitive answer to what happened in 1977.

    Basically, I don’t think we know enough to either say that she is definitely dead or definitively alive. And this is what the producers wanted.

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